Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cruel And Unusual...

Criminals in our state prisons. You pay for their food, clothing and general medical care. Now, you may end up paying for their sex change surgery. What?!?!? That's right. Tax payer dollars for the sex change of a convicted murderer...

Robert Kosilek, a man serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife is asking a federal judge to order the state to pay for a sex-change operation for him, saying that denying him the surgery amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

I can’t even imagine seriously considering this. Never mind doing this. Never mind paying for it! So, why is state funding for prisoner sex changes, something insurance companies won’t pay for, even a possibility?

Blame it on the federal court. That’s where Michelle, once Robert, Kosilek took her case...

A psychiatrist testified Tuesday that he believes Robert Kosilek will kill himself if state correction officials refuse to allow the surgery and Kosilek is unable to complete his transformation into a woman.

Kosilek, fifty-seven, was convicted of strangling his wife, Cheryl, in 1990.

In 2002, U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf ruled that Kosilek, who now goes by the name of Michelle, was entitled to treatment for gender identity disorder, but stopped short of ordering the state to pay for the sex-change operation.

Since then, Kosilek has received psychotherapy, female hormone treatments and laser hair removal. Kosilek, who wears his hair long and tucked behind his ears, has developed larger breasts since beginning hormone treatments.

Kosilek sued the Department of Correction for the second time last year, saying that numerous psychiatrists who had examined him; including two of the DOC's own experts; had determined that a sex change operation was "medically necessary."

Two psychiatrists will now testify that Kosilek functions "at a very high level" and that a sex-change operation is not medically necessary though.

I seriously hope they don't rule in his favor. Cruel and unusual, I don't think so. Since his motive for killing his wife was so that he could be free to live his life as a woman, I think denying him this surgery would be the most appropriate punishment the state could give.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Class Dismissed...

What do all of the women below have in common?

All of these women are school teachers...and they have also allegedly had inappropriate relationships with their students.

They are in the order pictured:

Sandra Geisel, who allegedly had sex with a 15yr old male student, Debra Lafave who allegedly had sex with a 14yr old male student, Pamela Rogers, who allegedly had sex with a 13yr old male student, and finally Linda Ann McBride, who allegedly carried on a month-long sexual relationship with a 13yr old male student.

At least three of these women appear attractive enough to be able to have relationships with men their own age, but chose to prey on adolescent males instead.

Look at the photos again, are women who have sex with teenagers only monsters if they are not attractive?

And, while quips like "Where were teachers like this when I was in school?" are rampant...what isn't funny is that these women are pedophiles and obviously have some form of physiological disorder.

A child is not able to meaningfully consent to a sexual relationship with an adult, particularly if the adult holds a position of authority over the child.

Three of these women have been in the national don't have to think hard to guess whose picture you won't see gracing the cover of any newspaper calling what she did "ushering a child into manhood".

No matter how pretty you gift wrap it...a turd is still a turd.

Recently Oklahoma & South Carolina have introduced legislature proposing the allowance of the death penalty for twice convicted child sex offenders.

Sen. Jay Paul Gumm, D-Durant, who introduced legislation this session calling for the death penalty or life without parole for child molesters, said "Children are irreparably damaged after being sexually assaulted, for ruining a child's life, the perpetrator deserves to die."

"The victims suffer lifelong effects," he said. "I think any crime that resonates through a victim's life like this is stealing innocence in an unspeakable way, and we should use the strongest weapon in our arsenal to protect them."

I'd be in favor of cleaning up the gene-pool by exterminating some of these degenerates, but I ask you...What jury would give a verdict of the death penalty to the any of those first three women pictured above? They hardly got a slap on the wrist to begin with and obviously that wasn't a deterrent.

What is the face of a sex offender? Is it this, or this, or maybe this or is it this?

Male or female the message should be clear sexual misconduct with a minor should not be tolerated.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Lest We Forget...

Memorial Day is much more than a three-day weekend that marks the beginning of summer. To many people, especially the nation's thousands of combat veterans, this day, which has a history stretching back all the way to the Civil War, is an important reminder of those who died in the service of their country. The defense of liberty is the enduring thread that connects the selfless service of an American soldier today with the similar service of a patriot who came to the defense of this great nation through the ages.

I take enormous pride in how my fellow servicemen have fought, how they lived, and now take time to truly remember their sacrifice. Our brave men and women in uniform – both past and present – are the storm that gives chase to evil and safe harbor to liberty. Their loss can and should be mourned, but their character and commitment should be celebrated. That is how our great warriors should be remembered on this day, Memorial Day. To those who served and those who continue to serve, I salute you.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Breaking Up The Monotony

I've seen some weird stuff on the internet before, but this is by far the most random...

Apparently, Ulrich Haarbürste owns a terrapin named Jetta, and has a fetish involving fantasies of wrapping the late Roy Orbison in clingfilm...

What the heck?!?!?!?

Everyone should have a dream...but, that's just plain creepy to me!

Someone get that turtle into protective custody!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

And Another Thing...

Cynicism or not, the bottom line is, everyone is entitled to their opinion whether they are a celebrity or not.

I am just tired of celebrities who spout off gibberish. In my opinion a celebrity/role model should be more responsible in what they say because they are in the limelight. They should have the common decency to attempt to have a valid point or at the minimum make sense. Just because a microphone is thrust in your direction does not excuse you from accountability.

In my research of this phenomenon I came across this gem:

Sheryl Crow appeared at the AMA's with a sequined T-shirt printed with "War is not the Answer" on it. What was the question, again?

Sheryl then drew a gasp from the assembled audience, as she cut through untold millennia of human strife and misery with a solution so simple you wonder why you didn't see it before:
"I think war is based in greed and there are huge karmic retributions that will follow. I think war is never the answer to solving any problems. The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies".

OK, now how did we NOT see that? This was the problem with Hitler and the Nazis: they made enemies. And the tanks...did they have to be so loud? "Hey, Adolph, how about a little consideration for those of us trying to sleep in"?

Now that we know the best way to solve problems is not to have any enemies, let's see what fences we could have mended with our "friends" in Afghanistan...

All they are asking is a little respect for their different - but equally valid - cultural preferences. We can clear up this little misunderstanding by making a few small compromises. All we have to do is abandon the Bill of Rights, convert to Islam, adopt Sharia, or Islamic law, imprison our women in mobile tents, remove their clitoris without anesthesia so that they don't get any ideas while we are out stoning rape victims, use our young male relatives for sexual domination since premarital sex with women is a mortal sin, kill anyone who writes anything disrespectful of our government or religion, throw away science, technology and modern medicine, murder all homosexuals and Jews, eliminate music, dancing, beer drinking, sports, television, movies and other forms of entertainment, throw acid on our daughters if they are seen in public with a male non-relative, and swear unwavering loyalty to whatever the half-blind, one-armed raving lunatic spews at us during our five-times-a-day prayer sessions.

In exchange, they promise not to fly any more of our airplanes into our buildings.

Problem solved! Who knew international relations could be so simple!

And of, course, Sheryl Crow will lead this crusade against having enemies by doing all of the above. I mean, of course she will. Right? Sheryl? Sheryl, come on, they're staring right at us. You don't want to insult them, do you? Don't just drive off in your limousine! Sheryl! Respect Diversity! You’re starting to look a little hypocritical! Sheryl! Call me! We’ll do lunch! Sheesh!

Sheryl Crow's inane comment about not having any enemies was undoubtedly meant to build bridges, mend fences, and make friends. Unfortunately, it has caused in me a rising rage. It makes me want to shake my fist at her from a mountaintop, in the middle of a lightning storm, at the exact moment of a total solar eclipse: "Eternal Enemies, you and I, Crow! Eternal Enemies”!

Wait, this is tougher than I first thought. Maybe the only way not to have any enemies is to not have any thoughts or opinions. To be a stone, a rock.

Nope, that doesn’t work for me either. I hate rocks. Grind 'em all up into gravel, that's what I say.

But, I could be wrong...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Like A Prayer?

Glenn Beck of CNN must really hate the Material Girl; on his show he basically went off on what an idiot she is. Here's what he had to say:

"Okay the people that went to Madonna's concert in L.A. Spent $380 A Ticket to see this (he shows picture of her hanging on a cross) and let me tell you that's worth every dime that you paid really.

Hey, Madonna will you do me a favor; knock off the Christ bashing for ten minutes will you. She doesn't even offend me anymore. I've gone numb to Madonna's antics. What really bugs me is the hypocrisy. Last year she was promoting her
horrible children books and she said “We shouldn't let our kids watch TV, Americans have to stop doing that there’s too much filth on television”.

Gee Madonna, why would you think there’s too much filth on TV? (He plays her videos for “Like A Virgin” & “American Pie”) Look at this I'm not even sure but I think I'm getting crabs just from watching this, in fact if you’re at home grab some penicillin and swallow it otherwise you’re gonna be peeing cookie dough tomorrow.

Do you remember when Madonna made out with Britney Spears at the VMA’s? Apparently that confused her daughter Lourdes; she asked her "Mom are you gay”? Madonna's response in that fake British accent "I am the mummy pop star and she is the baby pop star and I am kissing her to pass my energy on to her." By energy, Madonna do you mean cold sores? If so, then yeah you’re probably right.

Madonna's latest antics have everybody shocked. I don't know why really, when she's a one trick pony, and has been since 1983. Same old stuff. The only thing that shocks me anymore is when people are who they say they are they don't play games with who they are just to make money.

Instead of humping a stack of bibles Madonna, maybe you should lose the fake British accent, act your age, and spend a little more time with your kids and leave mine alone.

That Madonna would be truly shocking!"

I've never seen the Glenn Beck program, but that was hilarious to me!

Madonna's been doing outrageous things since the beginning. Shock value is what made her famous, she pushed the envelope, then strived to become respectable when she got older, but now in order to revive her career she's back to her old tricks. It's not really shocking, it's sad.

I grew up listening to Madonna in the eighties and enjoyed a lot of her songs. It was a fresh new vibrant sound. It entertained me. I didn't/don't need the shock value, half-baked political views, or crazy "religious" ideology from entertainers. Just entertain me, it shouldn't be that much to ask for.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In God I Trust

Recently, my friend John posted something really interesting to me about a local elementary school in Keller, Texas where the principal chose to omit the words “In God We Trust” from an oversized United States Nickel depicted on the yearbook cover. Students were given the option of affixing a sticker with the words to the book if they so chose, but the public outcry has been substantial. The principal, in his defense, states that the words were left off to avoid offending students of different religions.

But, it does not specify in a Christian, Catholic, Muslim, etc., God we trust. It simply states "In God We Trust" so no religion should be offended. Ninety-two percent of Americans say they believe in some form of higher power, so how is this offensive? Who is complaining?

If your an atheist, I really don't care if it offends you. Sorry.

Please, don't cry separation of church and state either...

The separation of church and state just means that Congress shall not impose a state religion on the populace.

Religious/Spiritual language is used in the founding documents of this great country from the Declaration of Independence and the National anthem, to our currency.

You can't walk into a store and buy groceries with scripture however, if you present a piece of paper printed by the government you can buy anything. Would it be more accurate for it to have "In Money We Trust" printed on it?

Our religious/spiritual heritage, which was present at the founding of America, and which in recent years has been eroded by judges who wish to rewrite the Constitution, needs to be protected. Generations to come need to understand that the liberties we enjoy, the tolerance and morality of this great nation and its system of laws are based on belief in a righteous and compassionate God. Freedom of religious expression needs to be restored not curtailed. Which to be accurate, is what is actually occurring.

I won't tell you to get out of the country if your offended by those simple words, but I would ask you to respect the large percentage of people that do believe. Also, the history on which this great nation was built. This Nation Under God.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Pump It Up!

The average price of gasoline in the United States is currently $2.85 a gallon.

Is that (A) an all-time high, or (B) more or less where the price of gasoline has stood for the last fifty years?

The correct answer is (B) Gasoline is no more expensive today than it has been for most of the postwar period, and it is considerably cheaper than it was in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

What's that, you say? You've been driving for years and you know for a fact that you never before had to pay upwards of $2.00 for a gallon of gasoline? You know gas stations were charging less than 50 cents a gallon back in 1970? Right? Well, don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your memory. But the fact remains: The cost of gasoline today isn't toppling any records.

Here's the trick... you have to factor in inflation. Comparing today's prices with those of the past is a meaningless exercise unless the prices are given in constant, or "real," dollars. And in real dollars, gas prices today are normal. It is the inflation-adjusted price that tells you whether the true cost of a product has increased, decreased, or stayed the same.

Who wants to hear all that though? The cost may just seem to be expensive to me, but perception is reality. If it’s perceived to be so, that makes it so…I mean my favorite Pizza Delivery Place perceives it to be so expensive that they only deliver within walking distance.

In a gallon of unleaded, crude oil accounts for $1.45...

Transporting the gas to the pump is just 5 cents a gallon...

Every gallon of gasoline is 45 cents in tax: 18 cents for the federal government and 27 cents for state governments...

But don’t worry, Big oil companies like Exxon-Mobil make money at every step of the process because they take the oil out of the ground, refine it and sell it. Exxon-Mobil's profit is estimated at a hefty 30 percent.

Are we are being gouged at the pump a little bit?

In the meantime, how do we alleviate the problem?

Maybe invest in a few more refineries, increased/better public transportation, as consumers we can purchase our gasoline from the cheapest distributor, build more Hybrid cars that use alternative fuels, and other non-conventional methods.

So, if higher gas prices don't motivate American consumers to use more public transportation or to purchase more efficient cars and trucks in the years ahead, we'll have no one to ride but ourselves about the cost of driving.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different…


Translation: Every Pussy Likes A Good Cock!

Dr. Peter Venkman was right, these just might be the end days...

Human sacrifice, roosters and cats living together...mass hysteria!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Sweet Land Of Liberty

Over the last week or so we have seen some pretty big protests by immigrants in several major cities.

It really seems a little bit odd to me.

People are in the streets, protesting, simply because for all intents and purposes America wants to enforce the law. Am I missing something?

Think about it. Illegal immigrants protesting legislation that would declare them illegal. It's like the pot calling the kettle black. Do they honestly not understand that by being in the United States Of America illegally they are breaking the law? Do they expect to just be allowed to stay here simply because they made it here and have stayed here for a considerable amount of time? That's like not prosecuting someone who has been eluding the authorities for a crime they have committed simply because of their ingenuity for evading the law. As if we might as well let them off the hook for old time sake. Sorry Tessio, can't do it.

Please do not get the impression that I am against immigrants as that would be a bit hypocritical given that I was one myself. The difference is; and this is important; that me and my family came over legally. And, guess what, we learned the language and became US citizens. They did not have signs in Spanish back in the good old days so we could get around easier, we HAD to learn English.

Now Americans are not without fault in this, we have enabled this predicament to happen. We want things cheap. Perhaps, if we were willing to pay more, illegal immigration would not be such an issue. There would be plenty of border guards, immigration and naturalization processing centers and sufficient English language facilities. But, someone has to pick the produce and clean the toilets. Right? We as a country don't seem to want to pay a true living wage for people to do those jobs. It's just much cheaper to bust up a few illegals every now and then, issue great contracts for miles of walls and fencing between countries and then look the other way when scores of willing workers come in to do the menial jobs for menial wages and no benefits. After all illegal immigrant generally come here to work, make a better life for themselves and their family and not cause any problems. Why bother? We also want commerce with the Latino community, no matter if they speak the language or not. Most American businesses proudly display that "Se Habla Español". It's known that tapping into the Latino market could translate to increased sales. We seem to go out of our way to make it easier for immigrants to not need to learn the native language. Most other countries don't do that. Is America rationalizing our guilt with misplaced compassion?

Are amnesty for illegal aliens or mass deportation the only answers?

Of course I want immigrants to continue to come to America, which truly is the land of opportunity. Also because through diversity; among other things; this country has become what it is over the last three hundred years.

God Bless America.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Allow Myself To Introduce...Myself…

I was born in Cuba, but my family and I were lucky enough to come to the United States in the seventies. We first settled in Hialeah, Florida. My father obtained a good job in New York so we moved there not too long after. Once we were more established we would move yet again, this time to the town of Hackensack, New Jersey.

After graduating from high school I joined the military where I served for six years. I was a part of Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm and Operation Provide Comfort.

Once back in the civilian sector I obtained a position as a Deputy Sheriff in beautiful Hilton Head, SC.

Three years later my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, so I moved back home to help until he passed away. It being just me and my mother now, we moved to South Jersey where I attended Rutgers University courtesy of the G.I. Bill.

Not too long after graduation September eleventh 2001 changed everything and I found myself re-enlisting for another four years. During this time I was part of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I was injured and eventually discharged.

I moved to Texas, where I met my soul mate and we have been trying to live happily ever after. I work from home for a software firm in New York, creating the artificial intelligences that will eventually be embodied by our machine overlords.

Updated 01/14/08: We've moved to Oklahoma.