Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Like A Prayer?

Glenn Beck of CNN must really hate the Material Girl; on his show he basically went off on what an idiot she is. Here's what he had to say:

"Okay the people that went to Madonna's concert in L.A. Spent $380 A Ticket to see this (he shows picture of her hanging on a cross) and let me tell you that's worth every dime that you paid really.

Hey, Madonna will you do me a favor; knock off the Christ bashing for ten minutes will you. She doesn't even offend me anymore. I've gone numb to Madonna's antics. What really bugs me is the hypocrisy. Last year she was promoting her
horrible children books and she said “We shouldn't let our kids watch TV, Americans have to stop doing that there’s too much filth on television”.

Gee Madonna, why would you think there’s too much filth on TV? (He plays her videos for “Like A Virgin” & “American Pie”) Look at this I'm not even sure but I think I'm getting crabs just from watching this, in fact if you’re at home grab some penicillin and swallow it otherwise you’re gonna be peeing cookie dough tomorrow.

Do you remember when Madonna made out with Britney Spears at the VMA’s? Apparently that confused her daughter Lourdes; she asked her "Mom are you gay”? Madonna's response in that fake British accent "I am the mummy pop star and she is the baby pop star and I am kissing her to pass my energy on to her." By energy, Madonna do you mean cold sores? If so, then yeah you’re probably right.

Madonna's latest antics have everybody shocked. I don't know why really, when she's a one trick pony, and has been since 1983. Same old stuff. The only thing that shocks me anymore is when people are who they say they are they don't play games with who they are just to make money.

Instead of humping a stack of bibles Madonna, maybe you should lose the fake British accent, act your age, and spend a little more time with your kids and leave mine alone.

That Madonna would be truly shocking!"

I've never seen the Glenn Beck program, but that was hilarious to me!

Madonna's been doing outrageous things since the beginning. Shock value is what made her famous, she pushed the envelope, then strived to become respectable when she got older, but now in order to revive her career she's back to her old tricks. It's not really shocking, it's sad.

I grew up listening to Madonna in the eighties and enjoyed a lot of her songs. It was a fresh new vibrant sound. It entertained me. I didn't/don't need the shock value, half-baked political views, or crazy "religious" ideology from entertainers. Just entertain me, it shouldn't be that much to ask for.


Anonymous Alligator said...

I completely agree that celebrity preaching is boorish and infrequently eloquent, it usually just reinforces how shallow of a social contribution these people have made on their way to fame. I wonder if some even believe what they are spouting off about or are just saying it to make headlines. The Dixie Chicks recent flip-flop to once again match public opinion is a great example. I think intelligent "stars" have every right to question their leaders, I'm just waiting for it to happen (Bono generally aside). :)

25/5/06 08:13  
Blogger Tracy said...

The overwhelming truth in his remark is this ...

Madonna's latest antics have everybody shocked. I don't know why really, when she's a one trick pony, and has been since 1983. Same old stuff.

And, you're right, it is sad. But truly, isn't the sadder idea that the people who spent $380 to see her would have expected nothing less ??

I think Madonna has talent and is entertaining but her 'antics' are also part of who she is....again with the freedoms. If she wants to hang herself from a cross, that's her right, no matter how idiotic and unnecessary I think it is. And if people want to spend $380 to see it....well, again, that is their freedom.

I expect entertainers to have opinions on religion, politics, etc. just just shouldn't make it part of their money-maker. Save it for the people who actually want your opinion on those things. And, if you don't, as it seems is the case with the Dixie Chicks....then be prepared for the backlash.

25/5/06 14:45  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

The Dixie Chicks apologized when struck by a backlash of public opinion criticizing the remark that they were embarrassed to be from the same state as the President, only to take back their disingenuous apology after recent polls show that President now has a low approval rating.

They also not so subtly insinuated that their band didn't care if they lost fans and/or airplay, so wouldn't it seem a bit odd to be soliciting fans to help you get airplay?

That's exactly what the Dixie Chicks are doing --they have a list of radio stations and their phone numbers listed on their website asking their fans to call and request their new song...

I guess you can say you don't care...until it hits you in the wallet...

30/5/06 08:43  
Anonymous Tim said...

Ditzy Chicks don't know if they are coming or going, as most "celebrities" with minute to minute rhetoric. Stick to what got you famous in the first place and save your opinions unless you can express them at least half as well as your other talents.

Now, I'm off to sing Karaoke!

30/5/06 13:42  
Anonymous kevin federline's wife said...

I'd kiss her again in a heart-beat! Much better than kissing freakin' K-Fed. Man slobbers more than my dog Lucky.

1/6/06 22:04  

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