Wednesday, August 30, 2006

False Confessions

I said it before: If anything has been learned in this investigation it has been to not jump to any conclusions.

John Mark Karr became a suspect in the murder of JohnBenet Ramsey after over four-hundred pages of e-mails between him and a University of Colorado journalism professor named Michael Tracey, who has produced three television documentaries on the case.

On May 9th, Karr wrote, "The Ramseys need to know that JonBenet had a lover named Daxis, that a dashing Prince was with her when she died; that she was not viciously murdered; that I cared for her and tried to revive her when I thought she was dead. I loved her so much and I am so sorry that she died in my arms. Her and I were engaging in a romantic and very sexual interaction. It went bad and it was my fault.”

The e-mails led to eleven phone calls between Tracey and Karr, which were eventually traced to Bangkok. Investigators arranged with Tracey for him to ship a photo of JonBenet to a Mail Boxes Etc. branch in Bangkok in order to learn his identity. Thai police traced him to an apartment building, and investigators finally learned the identity of Tracey’s correspondent on Aug. 11th. They arrested him five days later.

After his arrest Karr stated that he’d been with the Ramsey child when she died and that her death was an accident, but confessions aren’t very reliable unless they contain inside information only known to a killer. Karr's confession included odd details that didn't align with the crime itself, and descriptions of events that seemed unbelievable not only to law enforcement but to the public at large.

After all that it took only three little letters to get him off the hook: D-N-A.

Prosecutors decided not to charge John Mark Karr in the slaying of JonBenet Ramsey, after his DNA failed to match unidentified DNA of a white male found on the underwear the six year old was wearing when she died.

What could lead this sorry sack of shit into making a false confession?

Karr obviously has problems, he's a lousy scum-bag pedophile, he was obsessed with the Ramsey murder case, and he probably has a pathological need for attention. But could this all have been a clever ruse? He got himself out of a Bangkok jail, none too pleasant a place to be, and back stateside. Also, movie producers have come out of the woodwork willing to tell his tale.

He's not home free, though. California wants him on child pornography charges. I suggest not to send him back to California though. If it's too much trouble to just put a bullet in his head authorities should buy him a one-way ticket back to Bangkok.


Anonymous Frank The Crank said...

You did say not to jump to any conclusions...I still would like to use a hammer on this freak though, wasting law enforcements time and tax payers money, getting everyones hopes up that this case would be solved and come to a close. I'd like to give him a one way ticket to Hell!

4/9/06 14:17  
Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

I'm wondering if this wasn't some kind of "Get out of Thailand Free" card kind of thing. With his history, God only knows what kind of shit he was trying to pull in Thailand while trying to become a teacher. Perhaps the Thai police were ready to cane him or something and he played his "get back to the US" card by claiming things about the JonBenet Ramsey killing to do it.

Don't ya just love conspiracy theories?

5/9/06 11:23  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

This guy is just plain creepy, he even had a mullet back in the day.

5/9/06 12:49  
Anonymous mre said...

Good conspiracy theory! I wonder how close to the truth that is though. Karr may be creepy and crazy, but he's probably fairly intelligent and knew he'd be better off in jail here in the United States than Thailand. He probably won't even face a lot of time even with his fake confession. Claim he's insane and be back on the streets soon. Only good thing about that is that someone might get ahold of him and make him disappear.

5/9/06 13:02  
Anonymous amanda said...

I can't believe he didn't do it. This guy totally creeps me out. I hope he does get into lots of trouble for all of this.

5/9/06 22:45  

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