Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Suspect Arrested In JonBenet Ramsey Case

Almost two thousand children were murdered in the United States during 1996, but none of those murders fascinated the American public and attracted mass media attention like that of JonBenet Ramsey.

On December 26, 1996, John Ramsey found the body of his 6 year old daughter and a three-page ransom letter in the basement wine cellar of the family's sprawling Boulder home. According to the police report, JonBenet was covered with a blanket, her wrists were tied above her head, her mouth was covered with tape, and a nylon cord was wrapped around her neck. The autopsy report revealed she might have been sexually abused and that she suffered a blow to her head that left an eight-and-a-half inch fracture.

The case also opened a window on the weird and little-known world of child pageants, as videotaped images of JonBenet in competitions showed her to be a precocious kindergartner, but strangely dressed like a grown woman in sequins and rhinestones, and wearing eye makeup and lipstick.

The Ramseys said an intruder committed the crime, but they remained under an 'umbrella of suspicion' and speculation even though in 2003 a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against the Ramseys, blaming the Police and the FBI for bungling the investigation...until today

A suspect was finally arrested for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey in Bangkok, Thailand, following "several months of focused and complex investigation.

A law enforcement source identified the suspect as 41-year-old John Mark Karr, a one-time schoolteacher, but if anything has been learned in this investigation it has been to not jump to any conclusions.

I can't really understand why it took so long to nab this slime-ball, but the authorities have conceded that the investigation was compromised, in large measure, by mistakes the Police made early on.

I hope that this arrest will bring some closure to the Father, John Ramsey. Unfortunately JonBenet's Mother, Patsy Ramsey died in June of ovarian cancer.

Hopefully this arrest will mean vindication for JonBenet's parents and also a speedy route to eliminating another child sexual predator off the face of the Earth.


Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

Very sad, I remember this story and I was convinced the parents had something to do with it.

I didn't get letting your children under sixteen, let alone ten, wear revealing clothing and lipstick trying to look like "models" in this sick, depraved world in which we live.

I'm glad they finally figured it out, and if he is guilty I'm with you - a quick trip to the gas chamber for this guy would be the best outcome.

16/8/06 21:31  
Anonymous Frank The Crank said...

Saw this freak on CNN this morning saying that he loved JonBenet and that her death was an accident, but the cold and calculating way that he wouldn’t comment on certain questions…it made my blood run cold. Hopefully this isn’t some nut case narcissist that just wants attention. Once they get the facts out of this creep and if they find him guilty I wouldn’t mind if they turned him over to me so I could take a hammer to his face.

17/8/06 07:48  
Anonymous season said...

I just hope it doesn't come out that her parents really did have some connection with it. They sure did act weird. Hopefully this guy is the killer and her mom can now rest in peace knowing justice was served. I didn't have a chance to watch the news this morning but I will definitely tune in tonight to try and see this freak.

17/8/06 12:17  
Anonymous mre said...

I think that the "suspect" has confessed already to killing JonBenet. I saw the clip of the guy in custody with him saying that he loved her and that her death was an "accident" and apparently he is also implicated in some other crimes involving children. This guy needs to go away for life or be snuffed out. Hopefully it will completley clear the parents, they must have gone through hell with all this.

17/8/06 15:34  
Blogger Tracy said...

The oddest part is that his EX-wife is saying she has an alibi for him at the time of the murder....either she is an idiot or he was just trying to get out of going to jail in Thailand.

17/8/06 16:19  
Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

Don't get me started on this one...they need to chop this scum up and extradite him back to the United States in small pieces.

17/8/06 22:30  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

Well, who knows if there will be closure even now. Like Frank stated the suspect kind of confesed, but it's like he wanted his statement to make him guilty of a lesser crime. It seems this guy may be obsessed by the case and the real question is whether he’s inserting himself into it for some warped psychological reason. His ex-wife said he wasn't even in Colorado when it happened. DNA evidence will likely be key since there was some found on JonBenet’s body and it didn't match anyone else the investigation has focused on. I suppose the key to this whole case is - Do not jump to any conclusions - but, I hope they have found the murderer of JonBenet and justice will be had. Regardless, I stand by my previous statement that this guy is a slime-ball even if he didn't do this particular crime. Lying about it to get attention or satisfy your sick obsession qualifies him, as well as previous issues with child pornography.

18/8/06 10:00  
Anonymous j said...

I believe this guy is messed up no matter how you look at it. The guy is most likely a pedophile. He married a 13 year old and a sixteen year old. He was fired from his job for his behavior towards the female students in elementary classrooms where he worked as a substitute teacher. Don't know if evidence will come out that he did the crime, but with his history and if he confessed for attention or some sick obsession with the case this guy needs to be institutionalized.

18/8/06 13:25  
Anonymous Electric Venom said...

I highly doubt that dude did it. Yes, the man is an effeminate, weasely looking man who deserves to be in jail... Not necessarily for being an effeminate, weasely looking man, but for past sex offenses, and the fact that he was found with kiddie porn when he has worked in dozens of schools (and that he is currently in the child-sex capital of the world).

I think John Mark Karr is a sick *expletive*, but my gut feeling is he did not kill JonBenet. I think he obsessed over the case and being a pedophile he "fell in love" with her and this is his way to be connected to her somehow.

Too many things just don't add up. I guess the forensic evidence they have from under JonBenet's nails and her underpants will be the telling factor.

You are right, if anything has been learned in this investigation it has been to not jump to any conclusions, and I'm not jumping on the "everyone should apologize to the Ramsey parents" bandwagon.

...I'm not even going to get into the debate about a five year old being made into a sex symbol as I shouldn't speak ill of the dead.

19/8/06 00:52  
Anonymous Mercurius said...

John Mark Karr, was a substitute teacher in the San Francisco area, he likes child porn, he wears eye make-up, and he admits he is the killer of Jon Benet Ramsey.

There are some problems with his confession though, like his ex-wife says that they were not even in Colorado when Jon Benet was killed.

He did like to study this case on the internet and other kid murder cases.

He may be just a sicko obsessed with the case, but what if he did kill her but the mom and dad where selling her off as a sex slave?

19/8/06 17:46  
Anonymous Paul said...

Blonde, Blue Eyed, Pretty, From a family of "status" goes right to the top of the news.

Had she been Latino or Black it wouldn't have made it past the basic police column.

The media budget people are screaming happy happy joy joy because they now get to recycle all the old crap out of the video library from 10 years ago and cut expenses for the months of august september october ... or however long they can milk the misery of this case with the pathetic public.

22/8/06 10:40  

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