Monday, April 06, 2009

Mankind Is No Island

Seven hundred thousand people are homeless on any given night.

Seventy-six percent of homeless people who receive needed services like substance abuse treatment, education, and job training stop being homeless.

Eighty percent of homeless people who received subsidized housing remain stably housed.

However, less than one out of three people who are eligible for low-income housing, receive it.

For homeless youth, educational outreach programs, job training, and transitional living programs have proven very successful.

Forty percent of homeless people are veterans and the US Department of Veteran's Affairs has two major programs in place to provide health care, assessment, and referral to homeless veterans.

Studies show that these programs do help.

Homelessness is a condition that we have the power to end.

You can help to provide both temporary shelter and permanent solutions for the homeless by choosing a charity working to end homelessness.


Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

Amazing film. Very creative and very´╗┐ moving. Reminds me that I've always wanted to volunteer at habitat for humanity, but you know how things go. I am going to do it right now though. Thanks for posting that.

6/4/09 14:58  
Anonymous fidelio said...

In the land of plenty so many go without. It doesn't make sense. Especially terrible is the amount of veterans who are homeless. Going to bring this up in discussion next time I'm at the VFW see what charties are being supported and what I can do.

7/4/09 00:37  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

I'd rather choose to give a tax-deductible donation or use my valuable time to help a worthy cause than have the government try to dictate who I should help or worse tax me to death to assist causes I don't believe in.

8/4/09 09:17  
Blogger J. Smith said...

Man, a lot of stuff I didnt know. Very interesting, and a great post.

8/4/09 16:01  

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