Friday, March 27, 2009

Twouble With Twitter

Twitter, expanding on the dictionary's definition of twit since 2006:


  • Noun - An insignificant or bothersome person, a foolishly annoying person.
  • Verb - To taunt, ridicule, or tease, especially for embarrassing mistakes or faults.

The sad part about Twitter is that it actually is a living metaphor for how desperately everyone wants to be connected, to others, and to feel like they are being heard.

Appealing to a voyeuristic impulse driven generation raised on disconnection and instant gratification Twitter, (unlike blogging) is as much about connection as chewing gum is about nutrition. Yet, you will find hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people following the random, mindless white noise events of another humans life.

Pearls of wisdom such as:

Dim sum is my favorite. – 161 followers

I'm at bar camp la. – 887 followers

I am sooo grateful for getting an extra hour of sleep. – 648 followers

Adding 40 friends on facebook - 4226 followers

What is driving not only Twitter but the whole social network phenomena is the need for acceptance and validation; the bigger the number of “followers” or “friends” you have the more “important” you are. Your life is now a essentially a video game.

Shouldn't people desire quality in real friends, instead of quantity in illusionary friends?

Don't people realize sonic pulses are good food MRI’s but not for human connection?

Twitter does not make human interaction more efficient, nor does it help you get more connected, it feeds you an illusion of connection.

The social network phenomena points to one obvious reality, that humans deeply and desperately want to connect, but platforms like Twitter are the fast food of human connection quick, bad for you, nutritionally empty, and feed on giving the least healthy thing to as many people as possible for one simple purpose, money.

I feel like I am becoming more and more jaded lately.

Well, at least I can still laugh at the situation and this video proves I'm not the only one who thinks Twitter is blogging for retards and the next evolution of stupid.

Video thanks to Big Daddy over at Bon Jour, Pee Wee


Blogger The Unbearable Banishment said...

Your “jaded” reaction to twitter sounds like a rational response to me. I find blogging to be nauseating enough. I’m not getting involved with twitter or facebook. I guess that makes me old.

27/3/09 06:26  
Anonymous fidelio said...

I don't like Twitter either. Some people claim it is a good networking tool, but there are way more idiots on there spamming and listing their trivial minute to minute events of their lives then using it to network. Just random acts of communication, just for the sake of communicating.

27/3/09 08:30  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

I say again...WTF is Twitter?

Get out of the house and make some real person to person contacts you knuckleheads!

27/3/09 10:20  
Anonymous B said...

I don't have a Twitter and I don't plan on getting one!

28/3/09 19:10  
Blogger Jenny Georgio-who said...

Please don't get me started on how much I hate twitter and the need for people to update their status or twit or whatever every few seconds. I don't care if you just got home and are going to sleep. I don't care if after your rough day you decided to take a bubble bath. Update your facebook status and leave it at that. Believe me, the whole world doesn't give a flying rats ass....And if you have that many followers I beieve its a case of "follow me I'll follow you". I'd rather not trade "follows" and follow something I actually enjoy as opposed to just boosting my follower count.

29/3/09 10:57  
Blogger Todd said...

I love this video!

31/3/09 22:15  

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