Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's time once again to dust off your shamrocks and test your Irish luck, cause we're all green on St. Patrick's Day!

Well, in all fairness I am exactly zero percent Irish.

However, my beautiful girlfriend is half Irish, Ireland is an island as is my country of origin, I was brought up Roman Catholic, one of my best friends in the Army was Irish and I went along with him to visit his relatives in County Cork. I also have an affinity for delicious alcoholic beverages and the color green.

Hopefully that's enough to earn me the right to celebrate.

Saint Patrick, the Roman Catholic patron saint of the inebriated.

Today is the day where we mourn a great man, a humble and courageous man by drinking a whole bunch of green alcoholic beverages and by gathering with friends and family to have fun.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Blogger Season said...

You failed to mention you have girlfriend who is half Irish also! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

17/3/09 11:13  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

How could I forget that?!?!?!

Guess I always just think of the half that contributed to that incredible butt.

My apologies though, the post has been amended.

17/3/09 11:26  
Blogger The Unbearable Banishment said...

Midtown Manhattan will host its usual salute to a holy saint with its annual parade down 5th Avenue and a sick-in –the-gutter festival.

Nice recovery on the girlfriend mention.

17/3/09 11:42  
Blogger Nick Piekarz said...

I Always Forget This! Haha
Nice Post

17/3/09 16:32  
Anonymous B said...

A day late but same to you! Hope it was a good one.

18/3/09 08:14  
Blogger Kelsey said...

I think I'm part Irish...either way, I really like St. Patrick's Day!

18/3/09 12:29  
Anonymous fidelio said...

I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day!

20/3/09 12:33  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

27/3/09 10:03  

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