Saturday, December 20, 2008

Patience Is A Virtue...

Is a saying that apparently Season and Gabriel are not familiar with!

Before we could leave on our road trip I finally broke down to their pestering and let them each open an early Christmas present from under the tree.

They both knew they were each getting their own Nintendo DS game systems and they claimed they couldn't wait a moment longer.

They were so anxious to play with them that I finally caved in and in the spirit of Christmas let them open those two presents early.

At least they will both be entertained on the long drive to Texas.

Merry Early Christmas Gabriel and Season!


Anonymous fidelio said...

Spoiled brats! You should have made them wait! ;)

22/12/08 08:21  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

Lucky them!

Looks like they got their favorite colors too since their clothing matches their Nintendo DS.

What did you open early though?

22/12/08 13:36  
Anonymous Season said...

Good eye Sharp! I did not even notice that. I promise we did not color coordinate our clothes for that picture, but it sure was a cool coincidence.

I love my DS!

26/12/08 05:30  

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