Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coca-Cola Christmas Grenades

Just in time for Christmas Coca-Cola has rolled out their new holiday bottles that I believe are meant to look like Christmas tree ornaments, but to me resemble something less benign.

After you've drank the soda-pop you can easily add water and some dry ice to convert them into little festive holiday hand grenades!

If they happen to come in the Diet Coke variety adding some Mentos could also be fun.

I can see getting suited up as Santa with a bandoleer of these nifty plastic coke bombs as a possible Project Mayhem activity.

After all nothing says Merry Christmas like a nice explosion, but be very careful not to shoot your eye out kids.


Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

Were you thinking of that song "Have A Boom Boom Christmas" by Freddy Cannon? LOL!

25/11/08 23:20  
Blogger Noelle said...

I'd love to see what those could do at a ball game.

26/11/08 10:12  
Blogger Big Daddy said...

'Coke Bombs' is a great name for a band.

26/11/08 17:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Coke Bombs! Great comment Big Daddy

27/11/08 04:05  
Anonymous fidelio said...

Coca-Cola Holiday Hand Grenades!

Great idea!

Reminds me of the little explosions you could make with the MRE heaters.

27/11/08 15:47  
Blogger Tracy said...

Ha ! I missed this post. Your comments are hilarious. But, I just want to say, I love these - I totally wish they had them in the Diet Coke variety.

12/12/08 11:41  

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