Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where Beauty Eats Braaaaiinns...

My Zombie Pin-Up “Where Beauty Eats BRAAAAIINNS”

Just in time for Halloween is this 1950’s style pinup calendar featuring lovely decaying female zombie models for each month.

This thirteen month calendar is stuffed with more dead sexy girls than you can fit in a shallow grave. They dug up the idea of the vintage 1950’s pin-up and hit it over the head with a shovel.

Let yourself get infected by these bloody gore-gous women who are just dying to get under your skin and at your tasty prefrontal cortex.


Blogger The Unbearable Banishment said...

Hey! She looks like Sarah Palin! Seriously! It really captures her essence in a way that no written essay ever could.

22/10/08 07:19  
Anonymous fidelio said...

If that's a Sarah Palin zombie I hope it just devoured Obama.

22/10/08 08:33  
Blogger Lioux said...


I think I'm going to go as 'Math' for Halloween, in hopes someone will 'do' me.


BTDubs...If you send an address to liouxzhurr@gmail.com, I'll send you the new SisterKisser®™©™ CD and some links to our sites.

22/10/08 10:46  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

Zombie Obama is hungry for chaaaannge!

A zombie who has few real credentials for the office he seeks beyond the constitutional minimum, and a politician who has succeeded in obfuscating his hard-Left ideology - No thanks!

On a related story: I like July's pin-up best ;)

22/10/08 11:44  
Anonymous Alligator said...

I know I haven’t been around in a while, but how did this post turn political?

I throw my two cents in though. I’d like to hope that it wont happen, but it looks like the odds are in favor of freedom-robbing, always-a-failure-wherever-it-has-been-tried evil socialism being voted into the white house.

That’s not the kind of “change” I want for America.

Anyway...yeah zombie babes...cool.

22/10/08 12:54  
Blogger Reverse_Vampyr said...


Although not in time for this week's Midweek Peek, I'll be sure to grab one of those cuties for next Wednesday's edition.

22/10/08 14:11  

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