Sunday, September 07, 2008

MTV Sucks...

The VMAs are on tonight and it struck me just how bad MTV sucks.

I suppose I shouldn’t expect too much from a music video awards show held by a channel that doesn’t play any music videos.

MTV was created in the early nineteen-eighties because somebody discovered bands who had music videos to promote the sales of their albums sold at least forty percent more records than bands without one. This piece of information sparked interest to make a channel devoted to and for music, music videos and music news.

I am old enough to remember watching MTV's first broadcast.

Does anyone else remember watching MTV and loving all the variety of music they used to put on the air?

Remember when they actually employed intelligent and knowledgeable people who knew about bands, music and the music industry?

They threw all that out the window a long time ago.

What MTV has evolved into is so unwatchable to me that it makes my brain hurt when for some un-Godly reason it remains on my televison screen for more than thirty seconds.

The channel has gone from being a cutting edge iconic symbol from my youth of rock n' roll rebellion into a symbol of corporatism, inane diatribes, non-existent moral values, hypocrisy, spewing out the most ignorant and distasteful of the "reality" shows out there and the promotion of mostly cookie cutter, no talent, lip syncing ass-clowns.

I no longer want my MTV.


Blogger Season said...

I have to admit the presenter sucked big time! I don't know who he thinks he is. I did enjoy some of the performances though.

8/9/08 10:24  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

You and I definitely have very different tastes when it comes to some of the television shows that we enjoy. ;)

Pink’s performance was good though.

I wasn’t condemning the actual VMAs as much as I was showing my displeasure at what MTV as a whole has become.


8/9/08 13:15  
Blogger Season said...

What would MTV be without The Hills? That is the greatest show on television! LOL!

8/9/08 14:55  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...


8/9/08 15:56  
Blogger Big Daddy said...

I was done with MTV after Real World Denver.

For obvious reasons.

8/9/08 17:06  
Blogger Tracy said...

I couldn't even tell you the last time I tuned in MTV and yes, I did watch the first broadcast and many more after that in the 80s. I saw the VMAs were going to be on and I wanted to watch them, but just couldn't get stoked about it.....if anything, I want my old-school MTV.....

13/9/08 08:48  

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