Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Day Of Mine That You Won't Be In...

We are on vacation!
Enjoy the extra three minutes a day you won’t waste reading my opinions, misadventures and attempts at being funny.
Try to do something productive with them instead, like not cry.

Yeah, I'll miss you too.


Blogger country roads said...

have a great time!

10/4/08 08:12  
Blogger Tracy said...

Man, work was so boring today without you to talk to....come back soon....but enjoy while you are gone.

10/4/08 17:33  
Blogger Lioux said...


Have an AWESOME time!!!

Fun Fact:

I once did some design work for The Go Go's®™©™ back in '99.

10/4/08 19:26  
Blogger Jeff said...

Have fun!

15/4/08 08:22  
Anonymous fidelio said...

Are you back yet?!?!?

17/4/08 00:21  
Blogger JoLynn said...

Blast from the past! I love the Go-Go's! Hope you are loving Disney!

17/4/08 09:45  

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