Wednesday, April 02, 2008

By The Power Of Greyskull!

I have the power! The power to embarrass myself and others!

Season is kind and patient enough to try and introduce me to other adults from time to time. I can usually escape unscathed and without causing too much embarrassment to our family, but at other times...

Well, you know how sometimes you say something and then realize that maybe; just maybe, you should have kept that thought internal?

Me too! We have so much in common, we should hang-out.

Anyway, some vendors from Season's account invited her to dinner and were kind enough to extend the invitation to me as well.

We met up at the restaurant, got through the introductions and opening pleasantries and were just sitting around talking, when somehow the subject of middle names came up.

As we each tossed out our favorite middle name one of the ladies mentioned that she once knew a girl whose middle name was Sheera.

The correct response would have been to nod, perhaps give an affirmative "hmmm" sound and allow the conversation to move on to the next person with a name to share.

Unfortunately, this is not at all how it went.

She said "Sheera", but my brain interpreted it as "She-Ra."

So I said "She-Ra! As in The Princess of Power?!?!?!"

In my mind it was so funny that undoubtedly my witticism would be greeted by gales of laughter, a hearty slap on the back and a look of loving pride from my gal...then there was a moment of doubt.

Before I could stop myself though I looked around the table and realized that I had already said it and said it rather loudly.

So comment was received by odd looks, a polite giggle from Season (thanks beauty) and a quick subject change.

Please, as if they weren't fans of He-Man And The Masters of the Universe as kids too. Pffffft. Whatever.

Hopefully I didn't embarrass Season too much, but at least I got a free meal out of it.


Blogger Season said...

Having that name isn't so bad. She's the Princess of Power! Who wouldn't want to be that? LOL!

3/4/08 06:41  
Anonymous Lioux [on the outside] said...

*odd look*


You'd think it would be a little warmer this time of year. Wouldn't you?

3/4/08 08:51  
Anonymous Lioux [on the inside] said...



We should totally hang...

3/4/08 08:53  
Anonymous fidelio said...

Your own jokes always seem to be funnier in your head, but I would have laughed at that one. It was good!

Who the hell names their kid Sheera anyway?

3/4/08 10:45  
Blogger Terry said...

Too bad your fellow bloggers had not attended the dinner... There would have been less 'pearl clutching' and more snickering.... We could have even activated the Wonder Twins Power, you know, seeing as how we all seem to share the same sense of humor.

3/4/08 11:27  
Blogger country roads said...

Oh my god! I would've died laughing! and probably said the same thing.

3/4/08 12:27  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

I know enjoy your sense of humor. That was indeed funny so screw em' if they didn't laugh. At least your girl backed you up with a giggle.

3/4/08 12:56  
Blogger JoLynn said...

I must admit - whenever I slammed down the trunk of my car I would sing to myself - "She-Ra Princess of Power - doot do do". I would have sang it if she had said it to me.


17/4/08 09:43  
Blogger Tracy said...

I would have laughed and then gone into a list of Sheena, Marduke, Yahtzee, Lulu, Miriam, etc. Your eyes would have been rolling out of your head and off the table.....

23/4/08 12:15  

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