Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Toy & Action Figure Museum...

When we were moving up to Oklahoma from Texas back in January we saw a sign advertising The Toy & Action Figure Museum and last Friday Gabriel and I decided to go on an expedition to find it.

The museum is located in the downtown area of Pauls Valley.

There are exhibits containing Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Green Lantern which display several different incarnations and also the evolution of some of these popular action figures.

The museum is also home to the Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection which features Dick Tracy and Alley Oop.

The main display is a huge diorama dubbed "The Adult Toy Collector's Bedroom" which depicts the moment the toys in the collection have come to life and have taken over the entire room. It's basically a mass of every action figure imaginable in all kinds of poses covering every inch of space available with some flying through the air of their own volition or in commandeered toy aircraft. We spent quite some time checking it out and trying to identify as many toys as we could.

Our favorite part though was the "World War II Exhibit" which is a tribute to the men and women who have served their country in the armed forces during WWII. It was a really well put together display of twelve inch G.I. Joe type action figures. One display focused on the European theater and another the Pacific theater. There was a lot of attention to detail in this exhibit. There were two older gentleman who undoubtedly served in WWII that took their time looking over this exibit and I noticed them giving it a nod of approval.
It was a neat way to spend the afternoon. Once we got back home Gabriel wanted to setup all of his action figures in a display.
He has himself quite a collection.

Think we spoil him? Well...maybe just a little.


Blogger Season said...

Gabriel is spoiled rotten, but still such a great kid! Great post!

26/3/08 07:20  
Blogger Lioux said...

"tribute to the men and woman"... I giggled out loud a little when reading this. She must've been quite a woman.

and OMG!!! I totally spoil myself rotten. I have HUGE collections of Star Wars®™©™ and Classic 70's mega-sensatation KISS®™©™ action figures and memorabilia.

Still in the packaging and everything.

(My nephews are TOTALLY Jeal.)

Here's a Fun Fact:

I have also designed/made action figures (with accessories AND packaging) of three of my BFFs as gifts for them.

26/3/08 08:30  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

Season - He deserves to be spoiled ;)

Lioux - Thanks for pointing that mistake out to me. I corrected it. I've got a Star Wars collection too. I totally know what I want for Christmas now! My own action figure! How cool is that?

26/3/08 09:08  
Blogger Lioux said...

I KNOW! My BFFs Love, Love, Love them. One of them 'came' with an iron and an attack chihuahua as their accessories.

And it was a male action figure.

26/3/08 09:25  
Blogger Reverse_Vampyr said...

What complete coolness! I envy you the trip, but thanks for sharing it with us.

26/3/08 09:50  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

Lioux - You are so damn funny. I wish you I actually knew you so I could join your BFF squad.

RV - Thanks! It's one of those offbeat, weird attractions like the giant ball of twine that you just gotta see at least once.

26/3/08 09:58  
Anonymous fidelio said...

Damn Gabriel has a lot of toys! You sure do spoil him, but he is the kind of kid that deserves it.

26/3/08 10:37  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

I would never have guessed that a toy and action figure museum even existed or that it would be located in Oklahoma of all places.

It would be nice if they could incorporate what Lioux was talking about and you could get an action figure made of yourself at this museum.

26/3/08 11:39  
Blogger Season said...

Hey Lioux, I want my own action figure with a little yorkie dog? What would it take for you to make us one?

26/3/08 11:54  
Blogger Lioux said...


Maybe we can work something out.

I HAVE been wanting to start my own Action Figure Miouxseum.

I totally feel like BFFs with you guys. And my life is only so damn funny because it's true. All true.

You guys can totally contact me @


I'm having such a busy day...I'm not even sure I'll be getting to my planned post.

Stupid Co-Working.

26/3/08 14:06  
Anonymous AlaskanWindSong said...

But what I want to know is do they have the Barbies and GI Joes who had their voice boxes sitched before market back in the 90s? You know, when Joe was saying, "I LOVE shopping!" and "Math is HARD!" in a femmie voice and Barbie was saying... well... stuff that would have made Ken impotent for months. (Though that might not have been anything new.)

2/4/08 01:41  

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