Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tax Dollars Hard At Work...

A proposed law currently making its way through the Florida legislature might help you with hat can be an embarrassing problem. Here's the bottom line, the bill will mandate that all eating establishments must have enough toilet paper in the restroom.

State Senator Victor Crist, a Republican from Tampa, believes that he has enough experience to regulate the amount of toilet paper necessary for the public's interest.

The Senate Regulated Industries Committee approved the bill, SB 836, on Monday. It has two more stops to go and as long as it's not wiped out before then, it could then go to the Senate floor. A similar measure is currently awaiting passage by the House.

Where was this guy when Mr. Whipple needed a law passed to stop giddy, middle-aged women from squeezing the Charmin®™©™?

Governments seem to have a bad habit of meddling in issues that are absolutely none of their concern.

Take restaurants for example...they are trying and are sometimes succeeding in telling them if they can be smoking or non, what food they can’t serve, what customers they can’t serve, and now, how much toilet paper must be in the restrooms.

Inspectors ensuring the cleanliness of restaurant kitchens are fine. After all, patrons can't tour the kitchen to find that out for themselves, but anyone can find out if an establishment has a nasty bathroom or is lacking toilet paper though.

If the place is not up to your standards, don’t go back!

No need for arbitrary government regulations.

Same goes for smoking or having healthier choices on the menu. Restaurant owners can make these decisions based on free market demands. It’s much easier and doesn’t waste tax dollars.

Government just needs to just butt out! (pun intended)


Anonymous Noelle said...

We're at a crisis point where we need to legislate this? How many congressmen and women have to be stranded before we see some action?

13/3/08 12:05  
Blogger Lioux said...


Now I've got the Seinfeld®™©™ "Square To Spare" episode with Jami Gertz®™©™ stuck in my head.


13/3/08 14:18  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

Can you spare a square?
Do you have a square to spare?
Oh, please, dare to spare a square!

13/3/08 14:21  
Anonymous fidelio said...

Another fine example of taxpayer dollars hard at work! People don't need government trying to meddle in every little aspect of their lives.

Don't most people check that there are ample supplies for the task before dropping your pants and doing the do-do?

13/3/08 15:10  
Anonymous Elaine Benes®™©™ said...

What's...with the gum?

13/3/08 15:19  
Anonymous Jerry Seinfeld said...

Elaine, are you going out with pretty boy Tony tonight?

13/3/08 15:52  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

This is why I don't like most politicians. Yesterday it was some jerk in Kentucky that wanted to outlaw anonymous blog comments, today a Florida Republican wants to legislate toilet paper. What the hell is going on?!?!? This is just stupid and a total waste of time.

13/3/08 22:09  

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