Monday, March 03, 2008

Military Service As A Factor to Become President: Oh, Wait..Nevermind

The Democrats tried to use military service in wartime as a litmus test for the Presidency in 2004, but are now disclaiming military service in wartime as “overrated” and unimportant.

In 2004, Democrats claimed that John Kerry was more qualified than Bush because Kerry had seen the battlefield in wartime. Wes Clark tried to paint the Presidential election in terms of one who had served in war versus one who allegedly hadn’t and declared Kerry more fit for the Presidency because of it.

“War. War. I’ve been there. So has John Kerry. I’ve heard the thump of enemy mortars. I’ve seen the tracers fly. Bled on the battlefield. Recovered in hospitals. Received and obeyed orders. Sent men and women into battle. Awarded medals, comforted families, attended funerals.”…

John Kerry has heard the thump of enemy mortars. He’s seen the flash of the tracers. He’s lived the values of service and sacrifice. In the Navy, as a prosecutor, as a senator, he proved his physical courage under fire. And he’s proved his moral courage too.”…

John Kerry will lead America with strength and wisdom. He has the will to fight. He has the moral courage born in battle to pursue and secure a strong peace.”

Now in 2008, military service in a time of war; not to mention one’s status as a prisoner of war for five and a half years; in the very same war Democrats politicized in the 2004 isn’t all that important.

“Everybody admires John McCain’s service as a fighter pilot, his courage as a prisoner of war. There’s no issue there. He’s a great man and an honorable man. But having served as a fighter pilot — and I know my experience as a company commander in Vietnam — that doesn’t prepare you to be commander-in-chief in terms of dealing with the national strategic issues that are involved. It may give you a feeling for what the troops are going through in the process, but it doesn’t give you the experience first hand of the national strategic issues.

If you look at what Hillary Clinton has done during her time as the First Lady of the United States, her travel to 80 countries, her representing the U.S. abroad, plus her years in the Senate, I think she’s the most experienced and capable person in the race, not only for representing am abroad, but for dealing with the tough issues of national security.”

I guess being married to a draft-dodging, military-loathing President now trumps actual service in the military.


Anonymous fidelio said...

This is why Democrats aren’t credible when it comes to dealing with the military...ever.

4/3/08 14:05  
Anonymous Season said...

It does matter whether you served in the military or not, but I am not sure old man McCain is right for this country.

4/3/08 19:52  

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