Friday, March 07, 2008

Man In The Arena...

I do not agree with all of John McCain's policies. There's quite a few things about him that make me take pause, but not nearly as many as the number I can find looking at Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

However, if there is one area that he seems very sincere and honest about is the love and pride he feels for this country. It's very obvious, and God knows he sacrificed enough for her. When asked about that service though he humbly states that he "failed".

Compare that to Barack "our country is mean" Obama, who regularly states how horrible our country is and how much we need to change it, or Hillary "America owes me the presidency" Clinton, who positively reeks of an attitude filled with entitlement.

McCain's may not be the perfect candidate, but to me he's by far a better choice than the other two.


Anonymous fidelio said...

McCain flew and fought in Vietnam. After a month of flying into the most heavily defended airspace on earth, he was hit by a 33' long Soviet missile. He bailed out, was wounded, captured and spent five and a half years in Hanoi. His wounds were not treated. McCain and James Stockdale took command of the officers in the Hilton and other Vietnamese jails. They established a chain of command, lead resistance, established communications and did incredable things there. If that isn't leadership under pressure, I don't know what is. Could Obama or Hillary do anything like that. I doubt it. That's leadership, not a nice speech. McCain is a leader.

10/3/08 17:55  

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