Tuesday, March 04, 2008

John McCain Wins GOP Nomination...

Presidential candidate John McCain wins RI, TX, OH and VT to lock up Republican nomination.

My sincere congratulations go out to Senator McCain and although I don't agree with him on certain issues he's the candidate that I will most likely support for the presidency.

Agree or disagree with his policies, I will always be thankful and respectful to John McCain for the sacrifices he made for his country. The man's a war hero, and nobody should forget that.

Who will he choose as a running mate though? I've heard the names of Huckabee, Romney, even Oklahoma's own J.C. Watts being tossed around. His VP choice will be critical to swing some votes his way.

Good luck Senator McCain...


Anonymous fidelio said...

I'm on board with you concerning McCain. He is not in sync with all of my veiws on the issues, but he is certainly the candidate I will support over Obama or God forbid Hillary.

7/3/08 16:16  

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