Wednesday, March 05, 2008

D&D Creator Gary Gygax Dies...

Death attacks Gygax. Gygax misses his saving throw. Gygax dies.
Creator of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Gary Gygax, died today at the age of sixty-nine in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
I never played D&D as a kid, but was introduced to it later in life on a particularly boring field training exercise overseas. It ended up being a great way to pass the down time. I have to admit that Smail, the guy that got us all playing it was a bit of a "geek"...but he sure was a good story teller with a hell of an imagination. Gary Gygax may have passed on, but the legacy he leaves to gaming will live on forever.


Blogger Reverse_Vampyr said...

Although I never took it quite as far as some (particularly the folks who now dress up as their characters), I enjoyed playing D&D in junior and senior high. Lots of good times with friends, relating to one another – even in a fantasy world – and using our imaginations. I'm definitely grateful to Gygax for his legacy.

6/3/08 10:21  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

It was definitely good times…it always nice to get away from the drudgery of the real world for a little while and let your imagination take you away.

6/3/08 21:15  
Anonymous fidelio said...

You know you are a "closet geek" or at least a nerd anyway.

7/3/08 16:11  

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