Thursday, March 06, 2008

All Your Base Are Belong To Ben...

Ever since Benjamin Linus was introduced to Lost in Season 2, his goodness and badness - his truest motives - have been in doubt. Every week this character becomes more nuanced, more intricate, more interesting.

He was responsible for the murder of his own father and the rest of the island’s DHARMA Initiative operatives during "The Purge". He became the apparent leader of the "Others". He has lied to and manipulated just about every survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 in what appears to be every possible timeline. Often playing games with their minds, to his benefit and their detriment.

He’s probably the kind of guy who can see dozens of moves ahead in chess and read a table full of tells during a poker game.

Is this guy a diabolical evil genius, is he a guardian of something who will go to any lengths to keep it secret/safe from outside malevolent forces or he is only another pawn? You just gotta love this character!

In my opinion, Michael Emerson often steals the show with his incredible portrayal of Ben. I can't wait to see what he does next.


Anonymous Season said...

Ben is by far my favorite character right now. There is something so wrong with him which makes him so great. To me he has the right mix of evil, mysteriousness, good, and at times he comes across a little sexy (weird I know). Okay maybe "sexy" was the wrong word...lets try "attractive".

9/3/08 21:22  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

You are so strange...but that's one of the reasons I love you. ;)

9/3/08 21:23  
Anonymous fidelio said...

Ben isn't nearly as handsome as I am. I can't wait to catch up on LOST when I get back.

10/3/08 17:52  
Blogger Birdwatching From Mars said...

friggin awesome picture. i am a die-hard lost fan...not liking ben quite as much since the last episode showed him as this jealous whiny (yet psychotic) heartbroken douche though...

also, thanks for dropping by my blog.

11/3/08 12:37  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

LOST is one of the few things I watch on television. It's an awesome show. I thought it was interesting to see Ben’s creepy attraction to Juliet. As with everything Ben I'm guessing he has ulterior motives for stating she belongs to him than just pure attraction.

And I appreciate that you stopped by my blog.

11/3/08 13:50  

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