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Will Sanjaya Malakar Destroy American Idol?

When American Idol rears it's ugly head onto my television screen I've usually had to tolerate watching it since Season likes it.

Me, I only enjoy the first part of American Idol and although I admit to laughing at the people that sound terrible; later I feel badly that they were embarrassed in front of millions on television.

Is it just me, or is American Idol the television version of the mean kid in high school who convinces the school nerd he should get on the school PA system and proclaim his love for the prom queen just so that the rest of the school can get a good laugh?

Then there's the whole "shortcut to fame and celebrity". Shouldn't anyone "pay their dues" anymore with hard work and dedication to achieve their goals?

They don't make it easy to set a good example for our six year old.

Anyway, we watched the various cities cattle calls and thankfully my girlfriend wasn't interested in any of the singers that auditioned, so I didn't have to endure watching American Idol the rest of the season, but now I feel like I missed something.

All I hear about is Sanjaya Malakar and how this vocally-challenged amateur may be the death of American Idol.

How the seventeen year old hasn't come remotely close to mastering the basics of singing, but he has performed a few miracles.

He accomplished a mighty wonder by silencing the Idol judges. Even Simon has given up critiquing Sanjaya; stating that he doesn't want to say anything that will encourage people to vote for Sanjaya. If the young Indian-American finds a way to stop Paula Abdul from clapping like a seal and slurring out praises he will probably be universally acknowledged as the Messiah.

Jesus may have turned water into wine, but Sanjaya turned thirteen year old Ashley Ferl into a geyser. Everytime he batted an eye or danced a jig, little Ashley erupted into a display worthy of Old Faithful.

American Idol fans don't tune in to hear how many times Randy says "dawg", or to see how drugged up or drunk Paula is, or even to laugh at Simon's insults.

Everybody is watching American Idol to see what Sanjaya is up to.

If Sanjaya wins American Idol, he will demonstrate once and for all that it's not really a singing competition but a popularity contest.

American Idol may be destroyed and the franchise may go away.

Good luck Sanjaya!


Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

I'd shudder at the thought of how the future of popular music in this country would rest in the hands of 13 year old girls with cell phones who can cast their votes via a toll-free number, but it doesn't seem to work that way.

The show is a joke, only one winner has ever made anything of themselves off that show, Kelly Clarkson, and that's because she does her own thing.

Another hilarious video though. LOL!

8/4/07 12:39  
Anonymous Frank The Crank said...

OK, I will spot you Kelly Clarkson, but can anyone remember any of the other past winners?

At some point this show is just karaoke and it’s bad karaoke at that. The "contestants" sing parts of songs created and made hits by other people infinitely more talented than those on stage.

Here is a list of people I believe would not have made it through American Idol: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Himmelman, Wayne Coyne, Bruce Cockburn and John Hiatt. I am sure I could come up with others but I haven’t had my morning coffee.

I'm in the same boat though, the wife loves watching that crap and I don't feel bad laughing at the hacks on it.

8/4/07 13:41  
Anonymous fidelio said...

It's just trash like The Bachelor and most other shows of that ilk. However, I do enjoy a few reality shows. The whole genre is not totally evil. Maybe Sanjaya will do the unexpected and sink that show like the Titanic.

8/4/07 14:24  
Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

American Idol just isn't my cup of tea musically, even when they had people like Chris Daughtry on there. The show is just a sham and cheapens actual talent. I've got no compunction about laughing at people on reality shows though.

8/4/07 16:00  
Anonymous jumpmaster said...

I've seen bits and peices of it, but never sat through a whole show. I've heard that the whole first part of that show the producers push those terrible contestants through telling them they can actually sing just to set them up for public ridicule and some of those people seem mentally ill to me or at least have enough problems with out being humiliated on national television. The good singers on that show, in my opinion...nothing special.

9/4/07 07:39  
Blogger Tracy said...

I used to watch it more when I had a roommate that watched it. Unlike you, I can't stomach the auditions, I feel too bad for the people and usually only watch with interest when it got down to the final 10 or so...I am not watching this year, although like you I have read the stuff on this guy.

The only two that I have seen with a career out of it have been Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood [who actually won female vocalist of the year at the CMA's this year]. I am not a country fan, and don't get me started on a country singer winning American Idol. Clay Aiken even has a fan base I think that keeps him in the money....but overall, like any reality show, over time it loses its appeal and the intention of the show is lost in the absurdity of the show itself.

9/4/07 10:29  
Blogger Lethal_Dad said...

American Idol is still on?

9/4/07 16:31  

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