Monday, April 09, 2007

Werewolf Weather...

An excerpt of Season and I, discussing the weather last night…

Her: What’s with the weather lately? It’s miserable!

Me: Yep, it’s definitely werewolf weather.

Her: What?

Me: You know, werewolf weather. Look at it out’s a dark night, everything is wet from the rain, there’s a heavy low-lying fog. Can’t you just imagine a werewolf jumping out of the mist and eviscerating someone? Werewolf weather doesn’t get any better.

Her: Not to burst your bubble, but if this were actually werewolf weather, wouldn’t there be a full moon?

Me: Hey, I didn’t say I expected to see a werewolf. I’m just saying this is probably the kind of weather they’d enjoy.

Her: So, you speak for the Werewolf Meteorological Society now?

Me: Can we just change the subject? This werewolf weather business is kind of creeping me out.


Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

Great accompanying photo of Teen Wolf for that funny conversation.

9/4/07 16:04  
Blogger Lethal_Dad said...

I bet she was scared of the Werewolf! I bet she belives!

9/4/07 16:28  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

You should have started howling at the moon, ripping your clothes off and chasing her around. I guess that wouldn't really convey anything different at your house.

9/4/07 16:33  
Anonymous JumpMaster said...

Luckily it wasn't raining Frankenstein's with a chance of vampires. That's seriously bad weather.

9/4/07 16:46  
Blogger Tracy said...

WOW ! That sounds like an exhausting conversation. Remind me to post about "zoo weather" later in my blog. Everyone that knows me, knows what that means.

9/4/07 16:56  
Anonymous Frank The Crank said...

If I had a silver bullet I would shoot that post.

9/4/07 17:06  
Anonymous fidelio said...

A Cuban Werewolf In Texas?!?!?

9/4/07 17:23  
Blogger Shantu said...

Thanks for visiting. And you have a cool blog. I have a lot to learn. I will be coming back later to check you and Season out in detail. Oh, and where in TX? (If you don't mind me asking)

9/4/07 20:42  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

in response:

Teen Wolf is the coolest.

I'm not sure Season is gullible enought to believe in werewolves, but the sasquatch...that's a whole 'nother story.

You got that right! Now if only I could catch her more often.

And I thought Texas tornadoes were bad...

No gnus is good gnus in zoo town...


Cubans are prodigious all over.

Thanks for the compliment and I hope you visit often. We live near Ft. Worth.

9/4/07 22:13  
Anonymous your amazing woman said...

Do ya'll see what I have to put up with? He's nuts!

9/4/07 22:15  
Blogger Jeff said...

I love Werewolf Weather when it happens in the Fall but not so much in April.

10/4/07 11:54  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

It's hard to dress appropriately for werewolf weather. Especially in April when it's about 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature outside if you factor in the fur.

10/4/07 12:19  

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