Monday, March 19, 2007

Old Grandma Hardcore...

On February 1st 1936, in the fair city of Cleveland, Ohio: Barbara Ann St. Hilaire was born Barbara Ann Sobodosh.

Sometime during the mid seventies she discovered something at a bowling alley that resembled table tennis on a television.

On that day, that unrecorded yet monumental day: a new creature, "Old Grandma Hardcore," came into this world.

This is Old Grandma Hardcore, a console gamer whose video game exploits are chronicled by her 24-year-old grandson blog...

Old Grandma Hardcore's grandson says - she has had two knee replacements and countless surgeries. If you were to see her in a grocery store you would see a old, Midwestern diabetic with thick glasses held up by a crutch or a shopping cart stumbling along smiling at everybody.

She's polite, a safe driver, mother of five and grandmother of twelve. She's great, but if you get her in front of a video game she likes, she becomes a monster; a demon who craves the blood, no, the life-force of her enemies manifested as a swear happy old lady in a comfy chair.

She has destroyed many controllers in frustration, already wore out two PS2's, and will gladly walk into a Gamestop or EB Games with the swagger of one with more knowledge about games and gaming than the teenager behind the counter can ever hope to amass.
Game on Old Grandma Hardcore!


Anonymous frank the crank said...

No arthritis in those hands.

19/3/07 19:18  
Anonymous fidelio said...

That's SO me in about 30 years and the best part is that I'll probably be wearing adult diapers so I don't have to hit pause as often...

19/3/07 19:24  
Anonymous jumpmaster said...

Wow! I used to think my Grandma was being raunchy when she told somebody to "Go piss up a rope".

20/3/07 07:58  
Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

Seventy-one and still gaming strong. You go, Grandma Hardcore!

20/3/07 18:12  
Blogger Tracy said...

Game on !!

I loved it that my grandmother emailed until the say she died. More power to 'em.

22/3/07 21:23  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

Granny Power!!! LMAO Fidelio!!!

23/3/07 09:21  

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