Thursday, December 07, 2006

Remembering Pearl Harbor

On Dec. 7, 1941 - sixty-five years ago today, pilots from a Japanese carrier force bombed Pearl Harbor. They killed two thousand, four hundred and three Americans, most of them service personnel, while destroying much of the American naval fleet and air planes stationed in Hawaii.

Our citizens reacted to the attack with firm determination to defeat tyranny and secure our Nation. This enterprise required the commitment and effort of our entire country. At the height of the conflict, the United States had ships on every ocean and troops on five continents. In all, more than sixteen million Americans wore the uniform of our Nation. They came from all walks of life. They served honorably and fought fiercely. At home, millions more contributed to the war effort, laboring for victory in our factories, on farms, and across America.

In the decades since the bombing of Pearl Harbor, countless survivors have made the long journey back to Hawaii every five years to remember comrades who were lost and to catch up with those who lived but later went their separate ways, but this year's reunion holds an urgency that hasn't been part of gatherings past. Most Pearl Harbor survivors are nearing their 90s or even older say this may be their final trip back to this place that changed the course of their lives and their nation forever.

Today, we honor those who fought and died at Pearl Harbor, and we pay special tribute to the veterans of World War II. These heroes hold a cherished place in our history. Through their courage, sacrifice, and selfless dedication, they saved our country and preserved freedom. As we fight the war on terror, their patriotism continues to inspire a new generation of Americans who have been called to defend the blessings of liberty.


Anonymous Frank The Crank said...

You did a WWII vs. Gulf War II comparison not too long ago. What I would like everyone to think about are the ominous parallels between events then and events today. Pearl Harbor vs. September 11th. The world faces an enemy today that is more intractable than even the mighty forces of Imperial Japan. We are frozen in a situation today that can go either way. All we need to lose is to lose our will. There are days I fear our generation is not even fit to be a hangnail on the finger of a hand of one the Americans who fought in World War II.

7/12/06 22:01  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

I really didn’t agree with the medias comparison of the War in Iraq as a total loss because it hasn’t turned out like WW II according to their timetable, but here is a great article called Our Pearl Harbor written by Victor Davis Hanson that does a better job of explaining the differences between the two wars and why victory is taking so much longer this time than I did. Enjoy.

8/12/06 09:52  
Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

That's a good article. The United States kicked much ass and took many names during WWII. Would that our country had the same intestinal fortitude and sense of moral direction today.

8/12/06 10:51  
Anonymous Dr. Rusty Shackleford said...

I can't imagine what veterans who fought and died in Pearl Harbor or joined after and were slain on a beach in the South Pacific, would think of a generation which would send its citizens off to war, not to win, but only to flee because the fight was hard.

9/11 was indeed this generations Pearl Harbor, yet we may have forgotten its lessons.

8/12/06 11:23  
Anonymous jumpmaster said...

I don't think it's an issue of us having lost the lessons of Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

Pearl Harbor resulted in America fighting the enemies of communism. The press was not about to undermine the American war effort, lest Germany and Japan crush the Soviets.

Beginning with the Korean war, the US press has consistently reported on American military action in the only way a true blooded anti-capitalist can.

The Islamists are the natural heirs to the Soviets: statists who favor oligarchies and hate jews.

8/12/06 11:39  
Anonymous fidelio said...

They did things differently sixty-five years ago, they determined to fight a war, see it to the end, and win it. We live in a time of short attention spans, appeasement, and grief councilors. Those of us who have done two or three tours out in the “sandbox” know better. The Arab world is already looking at that Iraq Study Group report as more evidence that America is exactly how Osama bin Laden described us: A paper tiger.

8/12/06 16:27  

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