Saturday, December 09, 2006

Humdinger Friday...

Last night we got together at our friends Kevin and Taryn's house for some drinking, cards and....Karaoke From Hell!

The ladies were definitely in rare form last night. Season, Taryn and Yvonne sang Eve and Gwen Stefani's "Let Me Blow Your Mind", "Summer Lovin" from the Grease Soundtrack, Destiny's Child "Bootylicious", The Judds "Grandpa" and many, many, many others.

On a side note: I was the big winner of the Texas Hold 'Em pot!

My poker face reined supreme!

Well, tonight is Season's company Christmas party. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. There's going to be good food, lots of prizes given away and lucky me...a karaoke contest! Nooooooooo! Not again!

I have entered the Ninth Circle Of Hell...Where they keep the karaoke singers on ice until the Apocalypse and the end of days.

I kid, I'm a kidder...

Season's going to be in the contest, she actually can sing pretty well and she's been practicing a lot. She's certainly got guts to want to get up in front of her bosses and co-workers and sing. She'll probably win.

Wish her luck!


Anonymous jumpmaster said...

Good luck!

10/12/06 10:48  
Anonymous Frank The Crank said...

The ninth circle of hell is inhabited by karaoke singers, mimes, interpretive dancers and democrats. Good luck Season in bringing about hell on earth.

10/12/06 10:51  
Anonymous fidelio said...

Congrats on winning the card game and good luck to Season in the contest! You both know there is only one karaoke master!

10/12/06 10:54  
Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

What are the prizes? Good luck!

10/12/06 11:14  
Anonymous Dr. Rusty Shackleford said...

Did she win? Where's the update?

10/12/06 13:44  
Anonymous Teena said...

My office Christmas party was last night too. I wish Season luck and hope she won a good prize.

10/12/06 15:13  
Anonymous julie said...

Go girl! I better hear that you kicked ass and won that contest! LOL!

10/12/06 17:11  
Anonymous Taryn said...

I thought we were great, with the exception of the "Hero" song...LOL!! I am ready for another night of Karaoke ASAP! Next time I am going to be the Texas Hold'em Champion. I had such a great time Friday night!

10/12/06 20:36  
Anonymous season said...

Karaoke ROCKS!!! You'll never stop me! I think it was just luck you winning Texas Hold'em! J/K. I love ya' baby cakes!

10/12/06 21:27  
Anonymous kevin said...

Will the Karaoke Hell ever end?????????????
I think we have created some monsters!!
As for the poker game, It was the first time you have won, so don't get too happy yet. Im ready to play some more!

10/12/06 22:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could never sing in front of a bunch of people. OMG I'd die. But then I have a horrible voice.
Wait let me rephraze. I could never sing in front of a bunch of people while sober. lol. When I'm a little tipsy that's a whole nother story. ha ha.

11/12/06 08:05  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

Why did Jazz's comments turn into anonymous??? Damn blogger!

12/12/06 16:37  

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