Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas...Part I

We have the Christmas tree up and decorated!

We've also gotten a lot of the Christmas shopping out of the way early this year, so once we wrap the presents up and start placing them under tree the anticipation can truly begin!

If the weather isn't too bad this weekend I'll attempt the dangerous and arduous task of getting the Christmas lights strung across the roof.

There is supposed to be a big storm heading this way with the possibility of snow! Snow in Texas? We'll have to see about that...

Fun Fact: One in every fifteen Christmas light bulbs sold in the United States is defective.


Anonymous season said...

The Christmas tree looks beautiful! I love Christmas time!

1/12/06 12:23  
Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

Good looking Christmas tree.

1/12/06 12:39  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

I like the look of your Christmas tree!

1/12/06 15:34  
Anonymous Frank The Crank said...

What’s with the communist red star? No angel?

1/12/06 15:41  
Anonymous julie said...

You all did a great job on the Christmas tree. I love it!

1/12/06 20:17  
Anonymous jumpmaster said...

Looks good!

1/12/06 21:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My tree is lame. I need more ornaments and something so I can get rid of the tinsel - I dont like tinsel but because I dont really have a lot of ornaments, I add it just to have something extra.

But, I do love Christmas !! I'm going to put lights on my balcony tonight.

5/12/06 08:57  

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