Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey! Steve Irwin Is Dead...

Steve Irwin died doing what he loved best, working with one of the dangerous animals he dedicated his life to protecting with an irrepressible, effervescent personality that propelled him to global fame as television's "Crocodile Hunter."

“Crikey!” was his catch phrase, repeated whenever there was a close call during his televison programs, delivered with a broad smile, an Australian twang and big arm gestures.

The forty-four year old Irwin's heart was pierced by the serrated, poisonous spine of a stingray as he swam with the creature.

Irwin created an empire out of flirting with the world's most dangerous creatures - both on land and in the sea - and was filming a documentary, Ocean's Deadliest, when the tragedy occurred.

It’s seems a lot like when I heard the news that Christopher Reeve fell from his horse and broke his back. Even though I am aware that he was just an actor, it's was something that I just couldn't believe would happen to Superman. You know what I mean?

Steve Irwin was kind of like the “Superman” of the wild. No matter how close he got to a dangerous or poisonous creature or how crazy what he was doing looked like - Steve was always going to be safe because of his passion and knowledge for what he was doing.

Conservationists said all the world would feel the loss of Irwin, who turned a childhood love of snakes and lizards and knowledge learned at his parents’ side into a message of wildlife preservation that reached a television audience that reportedly exceeded two hundred million.

He was a committed conservationist, running a wildlife park for crocodiles and other Australian fauna, including kangaroos, koalas and possums, and using some of his televsion wealth to buy tracts of land for use as natural habitat.

I will really miss watching his wacky antics while being educated about exotic animals. He seemed like such a good hearted person with a great sense of humor.

Some people live a very long very safe life. Some people live a bit differently. I think Steve got all he could out of life. He lived and died on his own terms. I think he did die doing what he loved best.


Anonymous julie said...

My kid loves The Crocodile Hunter. He loves the show and has a bunch of the DVDs. Say what you will about him, but I agree he seemed like a good hearted person with a great sense of humor. If I remember correctly he also has a young daughter and very young thoughts and prayers are with them. I know it's was a hazard of his job, but damn...a stingray?

6/9/06 20:41  
Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

My kids and I have enjoyed watching Steve for years, not just for his death-defying handling of crocodiles, snakes, and other dangerous creatures, but for his message of conservation and respect for animals and nature. My oldest daugther is currently in college, training to be a zoologist, due in no small part to the love of animals that Irwin encouraged in her. One of her goals was to visit the Australia Zoo and meet him and his wife, Terri.

Farewell, Mr. Irwin. You will be sorely missed.

6/9/06 20:47  
Blogger Tracy said...

Great blog....he will be truly missed by everyone.

7/9/06 09:35  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

Great entertainer, he always made me smile when I watched him. I know how your saying DF...I just never thought anything was going to happen to him no matter how wacky he was behaving around a dangerous creature because behind his antics he really did know what he was doing. It's a sad loss.

7/9/06 14:21  
Anonymous mre said...

Loved that guy! RIP Steve Irwin!

8/9/06 13:50  
Anonymous fidelio said...

That was a sad day, his smiling face and wonderful personality will be missed. He was one heck of a character.

9/9/06 08:47  
Blogger Tori :) said...

Great post. My prayers are with his wife Terri, and children Bindi and Bob.

14/9/06 09:18  

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