Thursday, August 03, 2006

Human Shields, Terrorist Propaganda, Martyrs, Or Innocent Civilians?

At least fifty-six Lebanese, including thirty-four children, died in an Israeli air strike on a neighborhood that Hezbollah had been using to launch rockets into Israel.

Hezbollah was firing rockets from this area and then running inside the building hit and others nearby for cover. They knew Israel would track the rockets back to their location and engage in counterbattery fire.

Hezbollah purposefully put people in this area in danger by launching rockets from outside their location, knowing full well the Israeli response. Hezbollah targeted Lebanese children with Israeli missiles.

To Hezbollah they served their purpose. They're martyrs now.

The building may have even collapsed almost eight hours after the Israeli air strike. The IDF thinks that Hezbollah explosives stored in the building may have detonated, causing the collapse.

Since 1982, Hezbollah—"The Party of God"—has spread throughout the Lebanese Shiite culture. Inspired by Ayatollah Ruhollah Sayed Khomeini's Islamic Revolution in Iran, it is far more than just a terrorist group. Hezbollah sponsors social programs, runs hospitals, schools, and newspapers, and its political arm holds seats in the Lebanese Parliament and Cabinet. Hezbollah is involved in every facet of Shia life in Lebanon. A July 26 poll by the "Beirut Center for Research and Information" purports to show that 87% of Lebanese support Hezbollah's current war against Israel. For all intents and purposes Hezbollah is Shiite Lebanon.

This is Hezbollah...

So is this...

And this...

Hezbollah seeks to set up an Islamic government in Lebanon modeled after the one in Iran. Hezbollah officially supports the destruction of the state of Israel; the eradication of Jews from the Mediterranean. From birth, Hezbollah trains Lebanese Shiite to hate and desire to kill Israelis. It trains man, woman and child to do what they can to drive Israel into the sea and end the Jewish state. That is why Lebanese Shiites accept Hezbollah rockets, barracks, and weapons depots in their neighborhoods, and why those killed today will be celebrated as martyrs.

The thirty-four children who died in this Israeli strike were innocent civilians used by Hezbollah. Their lives have been corrupted by an organization that will gladly use them as human shields to be killed and then use their death as a sensationalistic news/propaganda tool.

The brunt of the blame in this sad loss of life goes to Hezbollah.


Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

Those who keep making excuses for Hezbollah really need to pull their heads out of their butts and understand that they're being manipulated by monsters who have no trouble blowing up women and children for the purpose of sensationalistic news/propaganda, whether they do it themselves with a bomb vest or by placing them in a position to be killed by their Israel's retaliations.

I'm shocked. I mean, if you can't trust Islamic militants bent on the death of every Jew on the planet, who can you trust?

3/8/06 15:50  
Anonymous Frank The Crank said...

Hezbollah attacks civilian men, women, and children every day with their rocket attacks against Israel. Then they use their own people as shields against retaliation. It's deplorable the way they have the nerve to then hold up the bodies of dead children like a trophy for media on deaths they orchestrated!

3/8/06 16:16  
Anonymous CDR Salamander said...

Ignore what bias you may have and visit and study these enteries - ONE & TWO from EU Referendum.

Does your BS filter go off? Yes, people died. But not there. Not in the way Abdel Qadar says. Forget
Lord Dark Helmet; Green Helmet is the villain in this movie.

Hezbollah is full of it.

3/8/06 22:34  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

One of the first casualties of war is often truth. Propaganda is part of war, but in general we should not expect journalists to allow themselves, wittingly or otherwise, to represent the propagandists point of view as the unvarnished truth - and this is important as the main stream media serves as most people's source of information about what is going on.

3/8/06 22:47  
Anonymous CDR Salamander said...

I've read about you affinity for the NYT LOL! So here is a little something else for you from EU Referendum entitled A picture cannot lie?.

So much for fact checking.

3/8/06 22:58  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

While in Iraq I saw plenty of those Soviet 155 MM arty shells. It's what they loved to wire with cell phones, garage door openers, transmitters for kids' toys, etc. to use as IEDs. Nice.

Just remember that the New York Times circulation is declining; just one month ago, five hundred people were laid off; they're the dead tree media whose marketing strategy is based on insulting average readers while intensifying sales efforts among their current readers as a result leaving more and more people feeling disfranchised and unrepresented.

3/8/06 23:06  
Anonymous mre said...

At the end of the day, Israel will do what it deems necessary to ensure its survival. We can comment from our safe homes in America all we like, but we’re not the ones in the path of Arab missiles and rockets. Israel is fighting what is also our war, if we mean what we say about the “global war on terror.”

4/8/06 10:51  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

Civilians are getting killed on both sides of this war. I don't really buy into the whole "staged" thing, but obviously Hezbollah has no problem using a tragedy as propaganda to further it's cause. Either way, Hezbollah started all this and they are certainly the enemy of not only Israel, but the United States. They need to be shut down.

4/8/06 16:20  

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