Monday, July 31, 2006

What The War on Terror Is Really About...

This movie explores what all Radical Islamic Extremists are really trying to do, and how.

You have to see this movie to get a real perspective of the problems we have in the world.

Some people view the current situation with the Middle East as a clash of civilizations. I think it’s more than that, way more than that. It’s an outright declaration of war, from radical Islam on western culture.

I got this movie and quote from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: "If you can’t support Israel this time, then you support terrorists, and the terrorists’ goal of exterminating the Israeli people. PERIOD. It’s the same thing I say about the greater war on radical Islam: if you can’t support our side against terrorism, then you ARE with the terrorists. There is no option to not fight; we weren’t given that option. We either fight it or submit–or in Israel’s case, cease to exist."

I can't agree more.

The most current events were that Israel halted air strikes for 24-48 hours to investigate the death of civilians in Qana, to allow humanitarian aid into Lebanon, and to allow the regufees to get out.

It was a conditional suspension. Israel would strike during this time if Hezbollah attempted to strike at Israel and of course, they did.

The airstrikes have resumed and Israel's Security Cabinet approved an expansion of the ground campaign against Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon.

Hopes are dim for quick end to this Mideast crisis.

UPDATE: If the video above isn't working, here is a link...


Anonymous frank the crank said...

Religion of peace, my ass.

1/8/06 08:12  
Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

I posted this video on my blog too. :)

1/8/06 12:47  
Anonymous mre said...

Video isn't playing anymore :(

1/8/06 13:06  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

I don't know why the video isn't working anymore on my blog.

I tried posting it again a few times and still nada.

I supplied a link to the video though.

1/8/06 13:22  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

The video is still down, the link worked though. Frightening stuff. I didn't have time to watch the whole thing, but I am not sure that this represents only 10-15% of Muslims. Especially in the Middle East. This ideology seems to be the underlying current of all the worlds problems today, also what will affect the coming worlds problems.

1/8/06 13:42  
Anonymous Charlie Wilson said...

Israel should attack Syria and/or Iran instead of Lebanon if they want to see good results.

1/8/06 15:19  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

Whenever I hear the impassioned pleas by the left for peace in the Middle East I can't help but think of the scene in "Independence Day" when President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) asks the alien "Can't we have peace?" and the alien responds "No peace" He then asks "What do you want us to do?" the alien responds "Die"

If the script writers were'nt making a direct analogy to the situation between the US and Israel vs. the radicals in the Middle East it' s an amazing coincidence because the parallel is uncanny.

1/8/06 16:27  
Anonymous Heroic Dreamer said...

It doesn't seem to matter in this propogandized war what Israel and America actually does, since we can be set up and falsely accused so easily and effectively. Qana?

I think we need to fight to win this war against radical Islam and not worry so much about the spin. We know who we do not seek to kill innocent civilians and children.

1/8/06 16:59  
Anonymous George said...

It's often been said that no one knows the day nor the hour that Christ will come, but no generation has had so many signs of the times as our generation. We have more reason to believe that Christ could come in our lifetime than any generation before us.

2/8/06 08:31  
Anonymous Samantha said...

Everything you need to know About al-Qaeda.

3/8/06 08:57  
Anonymous Beth said...

The cross-ties to Nazi Germany were all too enlightening - didn’t know much about all that previously, but I’m sad to say, it doesn’t really have the power to surprise.

4/8/06 10:47  

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