Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend Update...

Gabriel spent the weekend visiting relatives, but since Season and I couldn't catch a last minute flight to Greece on Friday, we opted to spend the weekend at our cabin in the hill country.

Like the movie says, "It's A Wonderful Life", when I'm with Season.

Once we arrived we put away the groceries then proceed to knead, chop, shred and slice the fixin's for our world famous to-die-for pizza. We bake it perfectly. Season and I wash the pie down with high-octane margaritas. I pour them tall, I pour them proper.

We watch the sun slowly disappear over the shimmering lake.

The first margarita relaxes me. The second one makes me contemplative. The third stuns me with clarity and the fourth kicks me hard in the butt. I'm too clear and the room spins; I have to get to the bed. Season is in similar shape. We hit the sack.

I love Season, and I love tantric sex as much as the next guy...but after two hours of foreplay, thirty minutes of fiveplay, ninety minutes of intercourse, and a twenty minute orgasm later, I have had enough. Of everything. I pass out. I am a mere mortal after all.

Gabriel had to be picked up early so we get up, shower, dress, and ride back to town. Then it's off to water park to watch the new "Pirates Of The Caribean" movie on the big screen at the wave pool. It was great! A good time was had by all. We can't wait to see the next installment.

I love my little family.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

I had thought that I had a good weekend until I read about yours.

10/7/06 14:12  
Blogger Dylan said...

Awww, Season is lucky to have you, you are a great boyfriend!

I had a good weekend, my family reunion was this weekend (it started on Thurs) and it was good to see the family, hanging out, cracking jokes with everyone. My sister and her family left for Colorado yesterday, so that was a bummer, I miss them already but other than that, my weekend rocked out!

See, everyone is seeing POTC2, so maybe I should too...maybe.

Great blog!

10/7/06 18:09  
Anonymous KMAN said...

Wake-up, Alberto! Too many margaritas, I think.

11/7/06 06:23  
Anonymous Alligator said...

There can never be too many high-octane margaritas. Mix me up one of those high-octane margaritas immediatley!

11/7/06 09:34  
Anonymous Sharp As A Marble said...

You are going to have to brush up on that tantric sex though if you really want to please that woman of yours. 90 minutes come on now!

Better luck next weekend. Enjoy!

11/7/06 17:08  
Blogger Season said...

It was an awesome weekend baby!

You know how to make me feel special and loved.

11/7/06 22:24  

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