Saturday, July 15, 2006

Restaurant Review: The Magic Time Machine

Yes, for a mere $17.99 per person, you can have a Roman Orgy with almost any cartoon or movie character in your fantasies.

No, not like that, it’s a restaurant!

This Saturday we went out to dinner at one of the most enjoyable and memorable places we've been to in a while, The Magic Time Machine.

Location: The Magic Time Machine is located in North Dallas

Physical address: 5003 Beltline, Addison, Texas, 75254

Hours Of Operation: Monday - Thursday 1730 - 2201, Friday 1629 - 2231, Saturday & Sunday Open For Lunch At 1059 with continuous serving until 2231

Decor: The outside of the building looks innocent enough and so does the waiting area with benches and stairs leading to a bar and arcade.

However, the dining area looks crazy!

There are different themes for each section and table, such as School Bus, Sailing Ship, Crayola Crayon Box, Lunch Box, Merry-Go-Round, Giant Jack-O-Lantern, School House, Library, Grass Hut, Teepee, Christmas, Elvis, Gum Ball Machine, & More. Take a kid in and they will be enrapt before they even see the wait-staff.

The place looks a little run down to me, but not dirty or anything. Just looks like it could use a fresh coat of paint and a new carpet.

Atmosphere: The wait-staff are a sight to behold. Each and every one of them are dressed in costume: G.I. Joe, Captain Jack Sparrow, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Xena, Hercules, Tinkerbell, The Big Bad Wolf, Zorro, The Tooth Fairy, & More.

Apparently every time you go, there are new and different characters to see. Some of the costumes are really good and it seems that all of the staff act their parts, are cheerful, friendly, and playful. They really ham it up for the kids. The staff are also more than willing to visit other tables, mug for pictures and even sign autographs.

Since we are so into pirates right now we asked for Captain Jack Sparrow and he was great! He not only looked and sounded just like him, he had all the mannerisms down. I'm not sure who was more impressed by him, Gabriel or Season.

Food: There is a wide variety of American style food available or you can get the Roman Orgy Feast. Each meal is accompanied by a fresh, hot loaf of stone ground wheat bread and a trip to the salad car. The salad car consists of the standard fare of lettuce, potato salad, pasta salad, and various toppings and dressings. The odd part is that it's all neatly nestled in a real 1952 MG-TD sportscar.

I had the Herb Smoked Chicken which tasted decent. Season had the 1/2 Rack Of BBQ Ribs with fries which she enjoyed. And Gabriel had the Popcorn shrimp which he nibbled at. Nothing spectacular, but they were all large portions with tons of fries.

Drinks: Everything seems to be available with lots of specialty drinks for the adults and bubbling magic potion drinks for the kids.

Service: Your food comes in a timely fashion and Captain Jack was on top of refilling the drinks and looking after us while still acting his part and being funny.

A Little Quirk You Should Know About: The web sites that we looked at before we went all warned not to ask "Where is the restroom?" So, of course I had to ask. Our server was kind enough to lead me there, but the stipulation was that he yell "I Gotta Go!" and I respond with "Wee Wee!" all the way there. The restrooms are fairly hard to find if you don't know where they are and this place is like a maze so I was glad for the guide and a chance to be silly. I was so loud even Captain Jack started laughing.

There seem to be many variations of the above so you never know what will happen. Some other person was lead by The Big Bad Wolf yelling "Outta The Way, This Guy's Gotta Use The Potty!"

Price: It's moderatley priced. We all ate for $55.00 including tip.

It's a fun place and you really have to be willing to let yourself go and just be loud and silly like everyone else. We had a really good time.

I give this restaurant: Three Out Of Five Sasquatches!


Blogger Season said...

Captain Jack was AWESOME! I think I'm in love! He was great! I would definitely go back and sit in his section.

Thanks babe, for planning such a fun day!

17/7/06 18:49  
Blogger Tracy said...

Taht's where my friends took me for my birthday/graduation dinner....we had Batman ! It was a lot of fun, glad you had a good time too.

18/7/06 08:46  
Anonymous George said...

oh wow. this place sounds like a lot of fun. that "wee wee" comment made me laugh hehe. yeah i pass this place quite a lot and have tried a lot of restaurants on that stretch.. texas de brazil, lavendou's, clay pit, tokyo one.. really need to check this place out one of these days. sounds like a good place to have a bday party or something.

20/7/06 09:19  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

This place is definitely fun if you have kids or are just a kid at heart.

We went to Texas De Brazil in Fort Worth for our anniversary and we loved it. Now that place gets Five Out Of Five Sasquatches! LOL!

20/7/06 10:18  
Anonymous frank the crank said...

Great, I am glad none of you got food poisoning.

25/7/06 21:44  
Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

Three out of five Sasquatches! That's hilarious, great rating system. I'm on a diet. If I ever meet Jenny Craig, I'm gonna turn cannibal and eat her ass. (wait, that doesn't sound right...

26/7/06 08:49  

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