Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just Call Me George Foreman...

...cuz' I'm buyin' up the grillz!

Ah yes, there's something about the July 4th weekend that just screams grilled meat.

That being said we hopped in the car and went to Lowes to get ourselves a new grill.

The eternal question Gas vs. Charcoal.

Gas grills and charcoal grills both have their pros and cons, so how does one choose?
Gas Pros: Cleaner burning. No smoke. Gas grills light faster and heat up faster. They also turn off in a hurry and cool off faster than charcoal. No messy clean up or ashes to scoop out.
Gas Cons: You just never hear anyone waxing poetic about "that great gas flavor."
Charcoal Pros: Great flavor. Ability to create a variety of smoke flavors by adding wood chips to the coals.
Charcoal Cons: If you are not a fan of carcinogens or free-radicals, then charcoal is not for you. Some medical studies have shown that eating foods that have been smoked or cooked over coals or wood can increase the risk of certain cancers. Charcoal can be messy and expensive, and you have to clean out the ash all the time.

After checking out all the different grills and grilling accoutrements we decided on a gas grill and went off looking for a sales clerk. We loaded up our purchase and were surprised to find out it included a free tank of propane and a grill cover. Sweet!

Season promptly drove us home, dropped Gabriel and I off, and disappeared to have her nails done. Some assembly required and only a scant few extra parts left over later, obviously an oversight on the manufacturer's part, we had a shiny new grill!

Not too shabby

Steaks & Corn On The Cob

The grill hasn't fallen apart or exploded, yet. We've had a few delicious grillings so far and we're looking forward to many more.

I just need my "Kiss The Cook" or "Grill Master" apron now.


Blogger KMAN said...

You can buy a smoker box for your propane grill and add water soaked wood chips for that smokey flavor!

9/7/06 10:18  
Anonymous mre said...

Gas grills won me over. It's just easier and faster. I haven't ever tried that smoker box, but that sounds like a good idea.

9/7/06 22:35  
Blogger Water said...

Man that is one clean Char-Broill... Love to see what it looks like after a couple dozen Grill-outs!....

Drop a photo on us when it's well seasons in.

:-) Water

10/7/06 10:46  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

It is much easier and faster, the smoker does sound interesting.

Thanks K-man for the idea!

Will do Water!

I hope that I will keep her nice and clean, but it's doubtful. It should add to the flavor anyway...right?

Tonight it's shish kabobs!

10/7/06 13:36  

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