Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fidel Castro...Dead?

Wishful thinking? Yes!
The Spanish media in Miami is reporting this evening that, Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez has left for Havana to visit with Castro, who supposedly is on life supported and intubated.
If he is on his death bed, I hope it is a painful death.
Apparently the rumor started with Jonah Goldberg, but don't break out the champagne yet.

I am going to enjoy Cuba's first day of her future. I am going to party.
However, while I celebrate Castro's death I am also going to be worrying about Cuba after Fidel. I wonder if Raul Castro will take over or be taken out. I wonder if Cubans here will go back to Cuba. I wonder if Cuban exile militants are going to fight The Cuban government to take the freedom they rightly deserve. I wonder if we can get the Cuban "brainwashed" people to see the true cruelties surrounding them. I wonder if the U.S. government will step in to help reinstate a government in Cuba. I wonder if the Cuban people can co-exist to make a better Cuba. So, while I anxiously await the bearded devil's death, what I really care about is Cuba after Fidel's death.
I think that the future of the island is as uncertain as its present, but with a very bright perspective, because the future will start with Castro's last breath.
Because when he does die - Nosotros Cubanos vamos a tirar la casa por la ventana!

I'm just sorry my Father did will not get to see that day.


Blogger Season said...

Hopefully he is dead and it will be a step forward for Cuba. Maybe then they will make it where we can go and visit.

12/7/06 06:16  
Anonymous Havana Knights said...

Hurricane Castro has been lashing Cuba with winds of hate and destruction for 47 years. The damages caused by this killer hurricane are incalculable. Tens of thousands of deaths, hundreds of billions of dollars in damages, 2,000,000 refugees, pain and suffering for millions of people. Those are the tragic results of this hurricane.

But always, after the storm the calm will come and I am sure that the Cuban people will be able to rebuild their beautiful island and live in peace once this killer hurricane is gone forever.

12/7/06 11:03  
Anonymous mre said...

I hope he's dead too man.

12/7/06 16:14  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

The rumors of Castro's demise that caused such a major ado here and throughout the blogosphere are probably just that: rumors :(

But if we do not see any public appearances by Castro within the next two weeks, and specifically, on 26 July, Fidel Castro's revolutionary holiday in Cuba, we will know the jig is up.

13/7/06 08:26  

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