Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sympathy, For The Devil? Nope...

06/06/06 today's date has significance of Biblical proportions, but the day seems to have been as uneventful as Y2K was...

What you didn't hear a lot about was that it was the sixty-second anniversary of D-Day.
On June 6, 1944, a date known ever since as D-Day, a mighty armada crossed a narrow strip of sea from England to Normandy, France, and cracked the Nazi grip on western Europe.

The invasion focused on five beaches code-named Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword on the coast of Normandy, France.

On D-Day, the Allies landed approximately 156,000 troops in Normandy. The American forces landed numbered 73,000: 23,250 on Utah Beach, 34,250 on Omaha Beach, and 15,500 Airborne troops. In the British and Canadian sector, 83,115 troops were landed (61,715 of them British): 24,970 on Gold Beach, 21,400 on Juno Beach, 28,845 on Sword Beach, and 7900 Airborne troops.

The breakdown of US casualties was 1465 dead, 3184 wounded, 1928 missing and 26 captured. Of the total US figure, 2499 casualties were from the US airborne troops (238 of them being deaths). The casualties at Utah Beach were relatively lighter: 197, including 60 missing. However, the US 1st and 29th Divisions together suffered around 2000 casualties at Omaha Beach.

So, I'd like to remember those who did their part then and those that are also doing it now and pray for the safekeeping of all.

If the antichrist was born or came into power today, she can kiss my ass. I'll pray for her too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, what do you have against the twins?

7/6/06 22:33  
Anonymous Alligator said...

I heard that Dualstar Entertainment Group LLC (i.e. the Century City HQ of The Olsen Twins' Evil Empire)is backing the next album of the twins darker personna "Prussian Blue". Sick.

8/6/06 08:51  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

I believe they just might be the antichrist; or at the very least; high ranking minions.

Christ was one male, so the logical antithesis would be two females. Compound that by them being twins, equals pure evil!

They are quite possibly the most insidiously evil people ever, for they harbor their corrosively evil natures under an exterior of such disgusting "cuteness" that most average dim-witted people are fooled by their transparent charade. Clearly, they must be destroyed. ;)

8/6/06 09:28  
Anonymous Kimberly said...

Cool blog. I think some of this stuff is really funny and the other stuff is really interesting. I can't hardly tell when you are being sarcastic or serious though. :P

9/6/06 14:49  
Anonymous kevin federline's wife said...

Digital that's hilarious! Hey, you all know I love my boys in the military. I know you was Army and all, but I had to hire this cute Navy boy to help me out around the house and watch out for me. Lord knows I can't count on that good for nothing husband of mine!

12/6/06 12:29  
Anonymous StalkingCat said...

The Liberal government has tried to suppress Canadian pride for the last 30 years.

Canadians served the full term in WWI, taking Vimy Ridge, one of the most important tactical wins of the war. They were sent as a "test" in WWII at Deippe, where they died, but died valently. D-Day was Canada's revenge, taking more land at Juno Beach on that day than any other army. Canadians also fought and died in Korea.

Canadians are fighting and dying right now, in Afganistan. These Heros are fighing for us. Our Freedom. Give them your full support.

God Bless you and all of our troops!

20/6/06 10:54  

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