Thursday, June 08, 2006

Karma Is A Bitch

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead. This animal who lived by the sword died by an airstrike north of Baghdad. Although there’s no question this is a milestone in the war there is still a lot to do. The difficult and necessary mission in Iraq continues. I hope that his death will help to quell sectarian violence in Iraq and disrupt the formation of terror networks in Europe though. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

But, ummm...did anyone else think it was weird they way the photo of his head was displayed? War trophy and other rhetoric aside...What was up with that? Is there a 24-hour Baghdad version of Kinko's? Is there a "MAFS"(Mobile Army Framing Shop) unit out in the desert? Was is done by a crafty PSYOP unit? Voodoo six...fess up!

Attention in the TOC! Sgt. Snuffy! Front and center! We need a buffered, acid-free white mat and a can of adhesive spray ASAP! I know it's 0300! We've got ourselves a majorly DOA hostile, son, and a press conference at 06:00. Now, get me some goddamn picture wire, tasteful antique gold molding, and cut some non-glare glass in a 30x30 square on the double, soldier!

Anyway, even the great news of the death of this terrorist bastard can't be ruined by the left crying "It makes no difference"...let's look at some other positive hapenings in Iraq. The seating of a full and sovereign national unity government with representation of all major sects. The Iraqis have successfully navigated the swamp of partisan politics to elect a government that the vast majority of Iraqis accept. I hope that this points to an increasing quality of life for all Iraqis.


Anonymous Bravo Three Zero said...

Zarqawi's death is unlikely to prove the immediate end of either al Qaeda in Iraq or the Iraqi insurgency, as Zarqawi was, by his own account, only a servant or representative of al Qaeda's international terrorist organization. Yet it must be noted that Zarqawi was also a monster of unspeakable proportions. The United States, its coalition allies, and the new Iraqi government have much to be thankful for in bringing an end to this mass murderer's career.

9/6/06 17:33  
Anonymous mre said...

Black Five said it best..."Adios, Asshole."

Here is a really good article too. Enjoy.

9/6/06 22:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Hero to Zero in 10 seconds. Brought to you by the US Military: When it absolutely, positively has to be destroyed over night!

12/6/06 13:37  

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