Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hundreds Of WMDs Found In Iraq

Gee, what a surprise. <---Insert sarcasm here. "The United States has found 500 chemical weapons in Iraq since 2003, and more weapons of mass destruction are likely to be uncovered, two Republican lawmakers said Wednesday".

Click here to read a portion of the declassified NGIC report.

This doesn't validate or justify the war in Iraq for me. I didn't need a huge WMD cache to do that, but hopefully this will go towards silencing some of the people that didn't believe that Saddam could possibly have hidden, and lied about his WMD program.

It's old news though, we've been finding smaller caches for some time now. I believe we have known of a handful of recovered chemical-weapons shells, but not as large a number as five hundred. That number has a lot more significance. An artillery battery could have laid down a very effective chemical attack with those rounds, quickly killing or disabling the enemy in a manner outlawed for decades.

Of course, that had been the entire point of the UN Security Council resolutions, to strip Saddam of that capability, and he obviously retained it, and lied about it. Possibly even moved a lot of it to a neighboring country like Syria.

However, I do wonder why the White House did not release this information at the time of their discovery. Could it be that there are some CIA personnel who have finally started leaking good news from Iraq in order to vindicate themselves and the President? Could it be that these caches had to be completely secured before disclosing information about them so as to not make them susceptible to terrorist attack? Is this strictly for political purposes? Isn't everything?

This information does change the picture about our pre-war intelligence though, lends it more credibility.

Perhaps in time for a possible confrontation with Iran?


Blogger KMAN said...

From your own link -

"This does not reflect a capacity that was built up after 1991," the official said, adding the munitions "are not the WMDs this country and the rest of the world believed Iraq had, and not the WMDs for which this country went to war."
A senior Defense Department official pointed out that the chemical weapons were not in useable conditions.

I do concede that given the time and opportunity, Saddam would have started his programm back up and would then have been a real threat.
I'm glad to see that real progress is being made over there - 4 down and 9 to go!

22/6/06 14:12  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

*Jedi Mind Tricks* These are not the WMDs you are looking for...move along...

Such a lame excuse...and probably semantics...

It's inane to think that Saddam did not have an on-going weapons program. Ever wonder where the enriched uranium went? Hmmm, let’s see...if you’re Saddam, and you knew that an invasion was imminent, wouldn’t you save the newest and most valuable weapons first? He certainly didn’t have time to collect all them and they are being found.

22/6/06 14:53  
Blogger KMAN said...

We'll just have to sit back and wait to see if anything new (post 1991) is found. I won't hold my breath, though.

22/6/06 14:56  
Anonymous mre said...

So, are you trying to say that the UN lied when they listed, time and time again, all the WMD agents that Saddam had but never destroyed? Are you saying that every intelligence agency on the face of the Earth lied when they told us Saddam was still working on and had hidden WMDs? Are you saying that every Democrat in Washington lied when they warned us all through the 1990s about Saddam's deadly weapons? But, somehow only the eeeevil George W. Bush knew Saddam was really clean and decided to attack anyway to stick up for his daddy. Yeah, that sounds like a reasonable conspiracy theory to me.

22/6/06 16:14  
Anonymous MasterGuns said...

A 2004 report by the multinational Iraq Survey Group found evidence of WMD-related activities and a small cache of prepared munitons ready to be deployed.

2004, not 1991. That's 13 years LATER for those of us stranded in the past.

22/6/06 16:28  
Anonymous CavalierX said...

Since some of those WMDs were found back in 2004. Some of us have been paying attention. It's about time someone in Washington finally mentioned what we've known all along.

Whether the decision to enter Iraq in March of 2003 was a good one has little to do with the good work our soldiers are doing right now. Those who say we should leave now because we should never have entered in the first place are acting out of emotion or for political gain, but certainly not based on sound principle. Packing up and leaving from one day to the next, as some are requesting, would be an irresponsible and selfish act of cowardice on the part of the allied forces. Our present objectives of providing stability, freedom, and democracy to the region are good ones. They will take a very long time to achieve.

22/6/06 16:45  
Anonymous Drunken Samurai said...


22/6/06 16:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also same link -

A senior Defense Department official also said that the Defense Department statement shortly after the March 2003 invasion saying that "we had all known weapons facilities secured," has proven itself to be untrue.

"It turned out the whole country was an ammo dump," he said, adding that on more than one occasion, a conventional weapons site has been uncovered and chemical weapons have been discovered mixed within them.

The idea that, as some people have repeatedly said in this debate, that there are no weapons of mass destruction, is in fact FALSE.

22/6/06 17:51  
Anonymous Rickvid in Seattle said...

WMDs have an expiration date?

All the world's intell agencies, the Democrat leaders, Clinton's law requiring regime change in Iraq, etc etc etc LIED to get us into Iraq, eh? Oh yeah, they were just incompetant, the Chimp fooled them all.

The Iraqis used three sarin gas bombs and killed 5000 people! How is that NOT mass destruction.

"La-la-la-Bush lied-la-la-la"

This is not an OLD report. There was earlier ones too but those shells were dismissed as "overlooked" by the sacred inspectors. Ooooopsie!

Why has this not been made public before, or more info given out?

Let's just say you are a terrorist or sympathizer or collaborator, and you read that some weapons cache was found in that area which had been under command of a certain Iraqi Baathist unit in a particular area under specific conditions.

Then say, you and your pals are sitting around planning the next bomb attack against children or an old folks home and one of you says, "Hey, I know a place that fits that description and there are no Americans there yet!" And you and your tango pals scamper over and find some good stuff.

Then, poof, something baaaad happens and the Democrats screech that Bush should have known, should not have declassified the info etc etc etc

The Democrats will ignore everything, even as the knife cuts through their necks, as long as they can blame Bush.

22/6/06 18:05  
Anonymous Squiggler said...

Listen up! It doesn’t matter one whit whether the 500 chemical weapons found were pre-1991 weapons, it doesn’t matter one whit if they are, in 2006, still viable. You idiots, Saddam Hussein swore he had NO weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological or nuclear. We went to war for several reasons, not the least was the violation by Saddam of over a dozen UN resolutions. We gave him a final chance before the first bombs dropped to come clean and fess up. What? You think he just forgot that he had 500 shells filled with deadly chemicals. Fifteen of those shells is what it took to kill how many Kurds? Estmates are in the thousands.

22/6/06 19:34  
Anonymous reverse_vampyr said...

Over and over, we keep finding proof that Saddam DID still have weapons of mass destruction , he DID have ties to al Qaeda, and Bush's policy in Iraq is winning, not losing. It seems that the Left, for all its claims of being "progressive," can't seem to get their heads out of their assses long enough to see the facts. And that America is winning. And that - say it with me - President Bush was right.

But I'm sure these extreme Leftists will open their eyes now and discover all this for themselves. Then they'll apologize for their shrill opposition and obstruction and will cheer for their country instead of just rooting for their political party.

Uh oh, I think I just stepped into fantasyland myself.

22/6/06 22:31  
Anonymous Ali Kafir said...

There are also NSA satellite photo of Iraqi convoys leaving suspected Chemical Facilities and going into 3 Sites in Syria in 2002 and 2003.

Nizar Nayuf (Nayyouf-Nayyuf), a Syrian journalist who defected from Syria to Western Europe ,
said in a letter to Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf,” that he knows the three sites where Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) are kept and this coincides with NSA photos. The storage places are al-Baida, Tal Snan, and Sjinsjar.

Iraq's #2 Air Force General also has stated he personally oversaw the smuggling of Chemical Weapons into Syria via 20 planeloads disguised as "humanitarian aid" in 2002, also.

This is a story about the 20 planeloads General Sada was talking about. OpenDocument

10 al-Qaeda terrorists were captured with 20 tons of those Chemical Weapons that contained many chemicals that could only had been created by Iraqi Scientists!

The BBC and CNN both reported on the capture of these al-Qaeda terrorists with the WMDs in 2004: 3635381.stm en...tent_326599.htm

Not to mention, Dr Obeidi, an Iraqi Nuclear Scientist was hiding the key Nuclear Research and Nuclear Centrifuges needed to restart Saddam's Nuclear Weapons Program. Saddam reported these nuclear documents, and key nuclear centrifuge parts as "Destroyed" in 1995!

Good riddance Saddam.


23/6/06 08:10  

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