Saturday, June 10, 2006

Army Meets Recruiting Goal, Again

Friday The Army reported it surpassed its recruiting goal for May, marking the 12th consecutive month of meeting or exceeding its target.

In other words, people are re-upping and enlisting knowing full well that they will be going back or to a combat zone.

I doubt we'll see or hear much about the good news about Army recruiting from the left. How come no headlines, NYTimes? If it is reported at all they are sure to say that the numbers were skewed somehow.

My thanks goes out to all fellow servicemen who take on the responsibility to protect and preserve us.


Blogger Season said...

I am happy to know there are those who are willing to fight for this country. I have much respect for those who are currently enlisting.

10/6/06 13:43  
Anonymous mre said...


10/6/06 17:14  
Blogger grim said...

What do you say to VVAW and IVAW, in addition to the now eighty-year-old WWII veterans and their anti-recruitment efforts?

Just curious.

Here was a particularly good article in the NYT if you want to know the kinds of poisons we ridiculous lefties are ingesting:

Wait, if you don't subscribe to the NYT, then the link won't work. Sorry, you'll probably have to use a library subscription service to a database that carries it or something...

10/6/06 23:16  
Blogger Digital Fortress said...

I'll send you some ipecac for that poison you’re ingesting... ;)

What I'd say is that it doesn't seem to be making a difference...Odd how during such a supposedly unpopular war recruitment is met to an all-volunteer military.

The VVAW was/is a bastion of fake vets making libelous claims…

Al Hubbard, a founder of the VVAW and its Executive Secretary, claimed to be an Air Force pilot, wounded in Viet Nam. In fact, Hubbard was never an officer, never wounded and never in Viet Nam. VVAW members Elton Mazione, John Laboon, Eddie Swetz and Kenneth Van Lesser all claimed to have been a part of the Phoenix program in Viet Nam where they routinely killed children and removed body parts as a part of their duty. They were shown to have never been in the Phoenix program nor had they ever been in Viet Nam. And the list of more frauds later found within the organization is mind-boggling…

As for the IVAW, it’s a descendent of VVAW, and I think we need to consider the very real possibility that its membership is also bloated with wannabes who've never been to Iraq and may not even have ever worn this country's military uniform. And the ones that have, not to get technical, most of them were support and non-combat arms, with shady military records.

For example: They tout folks like Jesse MacBeth, Micah Wright & Jimmy Massey. All fakes.

How could the IVAW not see this? If they’re veterans themselves, how could they NOT know they were all frauds? Do they turn a blind eye to the obvious for the sake of their seditious cause, or are they just not veterans either?

Only now does the IVAW want to be totally distanced from them. Not when they were useful to them. I know that had they not been exposed they’d be cheering for them. In the case of Jesse MacBeth they claim they just now figured out he’s a fraud. He wasn’t a stranger to them, but “he — and he alone — is responsible,” despite having been a representative of IVAW.

No claim coming from IVAW should be taken seriously until it has been specifically and independently corroborated. Let them give me name, rank, serial number and unit. Then I want to see their DD-214s. Then I want to see their orders to OIF. After that I might listen to them.

11/6/06 18:05  
Blogger grim said...

Just read this; still thinking.

17/6/06 23:52  

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